Preview: The Fury of Firestorm: The Nuclear Man #15

Ring in 2013 with some molecular mayhem as Firestorm squares off with the impossibly powerful Captain Atom!

Jason and Ronnie can only look on in horror as the nefarious Dr. Megala takes the Firestorm form on a joy ride. Can Captain Atom stop him before he realizes his plans for all that power? If he does, is there any hope for the heroes trapped inside?

Find out in January’s The Fury of Firestorm: The Nuclear Man #15!


Written by Dan Jurgens
Art by Dan Jurgens, Ray McCarthy
Cover by Dan Jurgens, Ray McCarthy
Color/32 pages/2.99

• Firestorm vs. Captain Atom!

• Two of the most powerful heroes in the universe go head to head, and things are going to EXPLODE!

• Don’t miss this issue’s shocking conclusion as the first hints of a disturbing new force in the DCU are seen!

Now, how’s about that preview?


  1. Well looks like I may be jumping back on, thanks for the preview Paul! Got to say that I love that cover. Any book that uses threads from the now defunct Captain Atom, which I also read, is worth my time.

  2. With Dan Jurgens on the book and with the Firestorm character now back to his roots using the elements that made the character fun, this book is back on track. This is not a dismal slog of a book any more. Firestorm is a fun goofy superhero book again. Come back and enjoy this book before it goes away!