Exclusive Preview: SUICIDE SQUAD #9

With Suicide Squad #9, Adam Glass and Fernando Dagnino are back with more adventures of bad guys being… well not good, but… listen, it’s a grey area.

You can pick the issue up next Wednesday, but in the meantime, it seems that something has gone wrong on the mission.


  1. Suicide Squad, along with Demon Knights, has been one of my major joys with the New 52. It has been funny, wonderfully drawn and colored. It is just a great fun read every issue.

  2. This is thee best comic book out there today; the entire package is what every comic book should try to live up to. The stories have been so good and the way the main characters interact from issue one on has made me really make them some of my favorite characters. Truly follows along its true nature as a group of secret individuals put up to do something or die! I can’t say enough about the writing, coloring, drawing, covers, plots with in the plots, just an all around detailed and very exciting world this title takes me to every issue. For me this is my number #1 comic right now and has been for about 3 months now and still gaining momentum…..!! I look forward in anticipation for this book month to month, and it has me talking about it weeks after I’ve read it. This preview looks really good only problem is it’s hard to read some of the dialog because it comes up so small on my computer however; looks good and Harley said Harley is no longer home…? What is she up to?? She ain’t fool’in me!!


  3. Probably one of the biggest missed opportunities in the relaunched DC books. It tries to be dumb fun, but just ends up being dumb. This is a concept that can really flourish with a smart writer.

    • If fun is what they were going for than I think they succeeded with more fans on the other side of the fence than you but I haven’t read em so no opinion other than it looks pretty.

    • I think there’s a lot more fun here than dumb.

  4. I like the art, Deadshot looks great.

  5. Avatar photo Paul Montgomery (@fuzzytypewriter) says:

    That really is a tall shark. Jawsome.