PREVIEW: Captain America & Black Widow #636

There’s a few sure things in the world of comics and one of those things is that when there’s a comic with a cover AND interior art by Francesco Francavilla, it’s worth stopping and taking a look.  Luckily, Marvel Comics has given us more than just a glimpse of the upcoming Captain America & Black Widow #636 to drool over.  4 full pages of Francavilla goodness are below for you to absorb as you whet your palette for this team-up written by Cullen Bunn which pairs Captain America with the always alluring Black Widow, as well as appearances by Iron Man, Hawkeye and Dr. Doom.  This sounds like a Captain America fan’s dream come true. Good thing the art is so good to make that fan’s dream a reality.

Captain America & Black Widow #636 hits comic shops next week, on September 12, 2012


* Captain America and the Black Widow are on a deadly collision course!
* Crosshairs are trained on Cap!
* Kashmir Venemma dies! At least twice!
* Guest-starring Hawkeye, Iron Man, and Dr. Doom (?)

32 PGS. (EACH)/Rated T …$2.99 (EACH)


  1. Fan of Francavilla but something about the coloring of these pages feels a bit off.

    • Maybe the yellow lighting spot near the nose on the second page, but for my taste the rest is gorgeous. Page one in particular is poster worthy.

  2. What I love about this series is you can just pick up random arcs based on characters or creators. It’s awesome.

  3. Francavilla & his colors, man. Always unexpected, slightly off-putting, & interesting as all hell. I’m digging his experimentation with the panels bleeding into one another too. Give me this over cookie-cutter any day – & kudos to Marvel for promoting this kind of artwork.

  4. I quit buying this when it stopped being “& Bucky,” but I’ll get these two issues.


  6. Francavilla always kills the art. i especially love the coloring on this. Instead of going for the typical over-rendered style,
    i feel that there are some real artistic choices happening here. I’m a big fan of artists coloring their own work, and this is a prime example of why.

    Its so purdy…i don’t want them to put words and balloons on the page. =)

  7. I really dig Francavilla.

    Cullen Bunn’s Captain America leaves me a bit cold.

    Seriously considering dropping this title.

    Now I’m really torn.

  8. Francavilla always ALWAYS kills the art! Look at those. That is ART, yo.

    I will buy these books just to see how FF executes it. And, if Bunn’s story sucks, I’ll make up my own word balloons.

    Related…why doesn’t any company have FF on at least ONE regular title for interiors? What gives?

    • Darkhorse is going to start putting out Francesco’s Black Beetle book soon. I don’t think it’ll be monthly, more likely in the Hellboy miniseries model.