Jamie McKelvie + Captain Marvel = T-Shirts!

When publishing our chat with Kelly Sue DeConnick, writer of Captain Marvel, earlier this week, I noticed that Captain Marvel #9 featured a nifty cover by none other than Jamie McKelvie, artist of the upcoming Young Avengers. Upon looking at the cover, I couldn’t help but think, “Wow, that’s a great image…” ¬†Looks like some other people agreed with mer.

The fine t-shirt purveyors at WeLoveFine.com recently released t-shirts featuring the excellent drawing by McKelvie of Carol Danvers, Captain Marvel, taking off to the stars.  Available for both men and ladies, this is a must have for those Captain Marvel fans.

This also begs the question, can we start seeing more images from the comics themselves on T-Shirts thanks to WeLoveFine’s relationship with Marvel Comics? That could yield some pretty cool stuff.



  1. Definitely cool but I couldn’t rock that.

  2. As impractical as the old costume was, I liked the old design so much better. Also, would someone take her to Supercuts!!!

    • I like the new costume. It has a space-ranger-uniform vibe to it. The previous one was just a bathing suit.

    • Gotta go with the Turk on this one. That new costume is epic. The old one always seemed pretty generic to me, like any hero could be wearing it. This one feels more distinctive.

    • You want to cure a bad haircut (which it isn’t) by telling her to go to Supercuts?? That’s like telling someone you can eat good cheese by buying a can of Cheez Wiz.

  3. I seriously love this shirt. i already bought another Captain Marvel shirt on welovefine previously, but I am feeling very tempted to buy this new one!