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Don’t Miss: Captain Marvel #9 with Kelly Sue DeConnick

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CaptMarvel_9The female super hero of the Marvel Universe takes to the skies for this first issue of a new story arc and a perfect jumping on point for new readers with Captain Marvel #9. Writer Kelly Sue Deconnick comes to talk about the ride with this ongoing solo character series so far, her take on the character and what readers can expect from this issue. We also get into the visual look of Captain Marvel and Kelly Sue’s thoughts on her various artistic collaborates, as well as just what is going on with her hair…you know, the important issues.

Captain Marvel #9
Written by Kelly Sue DeConnick
Art by Felipe Andrade
Colors by Jordie Bellaire
Cover by Jamie McKelvie

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  1. I’ve been reading this series out of a love for the character, but I struggled with that first arc. I don’t think I’m really a time travel guy. However I loved the interactions with Monica in the recent issues, and was so happy to see the creative team linger on these moments. And the art has REALLY improved…Kelly is so dead on…the undersea graveyard was jaw-dropping. Dexter should do any Namor series that ever comes up.

    Listening to this really made me excited for what is coming…and cemented my decisions to stick with this series. Thanks Ron!

  2. Great interview. And that song…. So dope. Don’t Miss, for the win.

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