Inside Odin’s Vault from the Thor Movie

If you're one of the thousands that saw Thor this past week and you're reading iFanboy, there's no doubt you geeked out when given a tour of Odin's vault. In addition to storing the Frost Giants' Casket of Ancient Winters, it held several other easter eggs — some shown on screen and some never even glimpsed. But we've got them for you.

The recently released Art of Thor movie companion book sheds new light on Odin's Vault, providing clear pictures and text describing the other notable objects under the protection of the Destroyer. Here they are:

The Infinity Gauntlet – First displayed at last year's San Diego Comicon, the guantlet was sadly cut from the feature film's theatrical release but appears in The Art of Thor book. Take particular notice that not only did they decide to feature the six Infinity Gems, but that they used it on the gauntlet famously worn by Thanos in the classic Infinity Gauntlet comic series. What would I give to see Thanos invade the nine realms.

The Tablet of Life & Time – This lesser known icon appeard way back in Amazing Spider-Man #68 and has been fought over by Spider-Man, the Kingpin, Dr. Strange, and others. It was last seen with a one-way ticket to a hidden dimension of reality by Dr. Strange for safe keeping.

Warlock's Eye – This magical object was the subject of a storyarc in the comic series by the villain Harokin to invade Asgard. No connection is known between the cosmic hero Warlock, or the New Mutants team-member.


The Eternal Flame – According to comics, this artifact came into Odin's protection after the Asgardians stole it from the demon Surtur at the dawn of time to prevent the villain from lighting a sword that was the key to initiating Ragnarok. I'll kindly remind you of a discussion we had earlier this week about Surtur being a perfect foil for Thor in a sequel.

The Orb of Agamotto – Not to be confused with Dr. Strange's pendant the Eye of Agamotto, this Orb is a fixture of Strange's headquarters and acts as a scrying device similiar to a crystal ball. It's also been shown to act as a teleportation device among other unique traits. It's like a metaphyical iPhone — a communications device with all sorts of nifty apps.


  1. What a damn shame that the Gauntlet was unveiled at San Diego but then was cut from the film. Hopefully it wasn’t just fan service and will actually be used somewhere, at some point.

  2. I’ve seen quite a few people suspect the eye was the Eye of Agamotto.

  3. Cool!

    I was hoping the Infinity Gauntlet would be in the case 

  4. When I glimped the eye in the movie, I definitely thought of the eye of agamotto.

  5. i think they said somewhere else that that is not the The Orb of Agamotto but i could be confused with the eye. 

  6. Having seen pictures of the Warlock’s Eye from the comics, it’s definitely that. The Eye of Agamotto is small, and pendant shaped. And since the point of having these easter eggs is to make them identifiable, I can’t see switching the design so radically for a background appearance. 

  7. from what i hear,  the infinity gauntlet will play a fairly large roll in the avengers movie. hint hint

  8. CosMcCube

  9. @Tiocore  I thought it was the Cosmic Cube, but then I’ve heard lots of rumors about the up-coming film, so who really knows at this point.  Although the object shown at the end of the film does seem to indicate the direction towards which they are going.  Maybe the CAPTAIN AMERICA, post credit scenes will let us see even more.

  10. The gaunlet does appear. When the destroyer… uhm… destroys some frost giants. It can be seen for almost half a second in the back. I’m not making this up, it’ll be shown to be true when the dvd or br comes out.