Great Moments in Comics History: Justice League of America #32

It looks like Major League Baseball used replacement umpires in the 1960s.


  1. Grandturk says:

    Was that a Joe Schmoe or the Atom? Because if its the Atom – then he’s just straight up cheatin’

  2. Jim Mroczkowski Jim Mroczkowski (@jimski) says:

    That’s what it’s like living in the DC Universe. The batter shrinks spontaneously. The pitcher never says, “Oh my God that is amazing.” His only response is, “This is bullshit.”

  3. spaceghost15 spaceghost15 says:

    Would major league sports even exist in the world with Meta Humans?

  4. “Hey look at me!” What an attention whore…

  5. ScottB ScottB says:

    Is anyone else reading this in Ron’s Mike Francesca voice?

  6. rwpos rwpos says:

    So was the Atom just being a dick, or did this play into the story in some other way? Very odd!