Going Green: A Photo Essay of Green Lantern Proportions

Okay. It's time for full disclosure, here: I have barely read any Green Lantern.

Before you scoff and throw rotten tomatoes, booing me off of the ifanboy stage for not being properly educated about comics, hear me out. I have ALWAYS been a Marvel girl, nursing an X-Men-every-Wednesday obsession since I was a wee little thing. DC was a foreign beast to me until about five years ago, when I tentatively began to read "mainstream" things: you know, Batman and stuff. Then about two years ago I moved to Seattle and met two huge DC nerds. One of them was as un-educated about Marvel as I was about DC, and together we showed one another lovely things. She gave me stacks of Supergirl and I slipped her weird indie comics and demanded she read Thor.

At this DC-centric couple's prodding, I picked up Blackest Night. I vaguely knew Geoff Johns through working in the industry and liked him enough as a person to try reading his comics, and I had seen so many people raving about the run on twitter that I thought I'd give it a go.

I was so confused.

Being thrust into a storyline like that without any sort of prior education on the matter was completely intimidating. I didn't know what was going on, who half the characters were… I was so ashamed, my comic book geek cred plummetting into the soles of my feet.

With my tail between my legs, I crawled my way to the only thing I knew could help me: The great sage, the mightiest of educators, o holy Wikipedia. And there I rabidly consumed anything and everything Green Lantern, filling my head with continuity and power activating chants.

These days, I would not call myself an expert by any means. I am still dipping my toes tentatively into the pool that is Green Lantern, but at least now if I see a Lantern at a convention I know what's going on.

And so despite my limited knowledge (I'm trying, I promise!), in honor of the movie approaching quickly at the end of this week, I decided to do my own little sort of homage to Green Lantern… the best way I know how: In photographs.

I exhausted my photo archives for everything my lens has ever touched related to Green Lantern: photos of cosplayers from conventions spanning two years, macros of toys, photos of art. And here it all is, for your eyeball enjoyment. Go forth!



C2E2 2011



C2E2 2011


Green Lantern (and other superheroes) at BrickCon 2010


Green Lantern x Luigi, New York Comic Con 2010


Bethany Fong in her self-made Star Sapphire dress, NYCC 2010


Star Sapphire, cosplayed by Bethany Fong


The "Classy Lanterns", San Diego Comic Con 2010 (I'm the blue one!)


San Diego Comic Con 2010


San Diego Comic con 2010


Geoff Johns, San Diego Comic Con 2010 (at the Hyatt Bar after con hours)


Sendrina & Princess Iolande, Sakura-con 2011. Cosplayed by dingomirr & maiea


Sendrina, Sakura-con 2011. Cosplayed by dingomirr


Princess Iolande, Sakura-con 2011. Cosplayed by maiea


C2E2 2010


C2E2 2010


Ron Richards interviews Geoff Johns, C2E2 2010


Sinestro, C2E2 2010


Peter Tomasi shows his Green Lantern love, Emerald City Comic Con 2010




All photos in this post are taken by Molly McIsaac. If you are one of the pictured cosplayers and would like credit, please email me at molly@ifanboy.com


Molly McIsaac promises to read more DC, but in the meantime, she's just going to eat this cupcake. Follow her progress on twitter.


  1. Great article Molly! I can completely understand the confusion when jumping into Blackest Night.

    Just one correction. That’s not a Star Sapphire doll –  That’s the Huntress from Batman.

  2. I’ve always thought it was funny that the store bought “Female Green Lantern” costume is damn close replica of Arisia’s. Hell it’s even more demure than what she wears.

  3. Great pics of the cosplay folks. I think I have a couple of new crushes!

  4. That Dennis Calero piece looks like Captain marvel, as in the Kree Mar-Vell. Isn’t that statue actually huntress from Birds of Prey?

    I forgive you cause you’re gorgeous, Molly. It doesn’t matter where your ‘greek cred’ falls on the ‘geek cred scale’.

    The fact that you picked up Blackest Night in your hands, and attempted to read it is enough.

  5. Betty Fong!!! 😀 I love that girl she’s so nice. 

  6. Nice to see GJ repping the DudeBro Corps. I love their oath:

    With Tapout shirts
    And Natty Lite
    Put on Spike TV
    Let’s watch a fight!

  7. Great photos!

  8. The Green Lantern of The Classy Lanterns- is stunning.


  9. @ericmci That would be Jill Pantozzi aka the Nerdy Bird, she’s an awesome professional geek girl.