Exclusive Preview: THE UNWRITTEN #43

Today’s exclusive preview from Vertigo and DC Comics combines two of my favorite things. One being the irrepressible Baron Hieronymus Carl Friedrich von Münchhausen. The other, polar bears with meat cleavers.

The quest to save Lizzie continues in next week’s The Unwritten #43, and Tom’s having one beast of a time in this brave new land beyond the veil. This next batch of pages might be a little harrowing for the animal lovers among us, but not nearly so bad as those Sarah McLachlan commercials. Anyway, things get both grizzly and grisly, for our intrepid literary heroes and it looks to be a thrilling new chapter.

Of course, it all starts with another jaw-dropping cover by one of the best in the game, Yuko Shimizu. Is it just me, or does this latest rendering of poor, beleaguered Tom Taylor resemble our own Mike Romo, after about eight too many?

The Unwritten #43
Written by Mike Carey
Art by Peter Gross
Cover by Yuko Shimizu

What do Baron Munchausen, a Jane Austen heroine, a homicidal bear and three bad rabbits have in common? They’re all either helping or sabotaging Tom Taylor on the next leg of his quest to find Lizzie and bring her back from the land of the dead…


  1. I’ve gone through the first two trades of this and its been a great read. The creators are as high as the moon with what they put out in this very intriguing, fun story. I’ll be picking up trades 3 & 4 soon.

    Peter Gross tends to be overlooked because of the cover artist, though he truly does compliment Mike Carey’s writing. Those two really work well together.

  2. This is the book I look forward to most each month. And please, PLEASE, will someone commit to putting out a collection of Shimizu’s covers?

    • Agreed, but I wonder if they’re even doing this anymore. Was the James Jean “Fables” collection the last one? I’m still in awe that they still haven’t done this for “100 Bullets” or “Y”…

  3. This will be after American Vampire goes on its hiatus & Punk Rock Jesus ends the only title I’ll be getting Vertigo, I’ve been here since the beginning & definitely here at the end.
    Such a great underrated series that has so much to offer & will be a great read once complete, & read in its entirety!

  4. Just wanted to join the chorus. This is one of the best titles out there, I think I’ve learned more about classic literature and stories since I began reading it. It’s one of the books that I think about long after finishing an issue, because of all the interesting concepts and possibilities it explores.

    I think by the time it wraps up, it will be on the shortlist of stories that transcend the niche market of comicbooks, and become representative of the highmark and potential of the medium.

    • Absolutely on point, and I really hope you’re right about the future transendence because I thought, rather cynically, that this would have happened by now if Neil Gaiman’s name were on it (no disrespect, that name just moves units and).

  5. This book is amazing.