Exclusive Preview: GREEN ARROW #9

Olly olly oxen free! 

Ann Nocenti and Harvey Tolibao’s opening salvo with the emerald archer has been one strange, sexy trip. What started as a sordid romp quickly escalated to something far deadlier as the Skylark sisters ushered Green Arrow into combat with mutated pit fighters. This debut chapter wraps up next week as Oliver faces off against Leer and the triplets in a climactic battle on the tundra.

Written by Ann Nocenti
Pencils by Harvey Tolibao
Color by Howard Porter, Tonya Horie
Letters by Rob Leigh
Cover Color by Hi-Fi

“TRIPLE THREAT: DEADZONE” part three! The final chapter in the first story by ANN NOCENTI, featuring the final showdown between OLIVER QUEEN, LEER and the SKYLARKS!

32 pages/Color/$2.99

Now, how’s about that preview?


  1. Hey look, it’s Arsenal!

  2. I jumped on with Ann Nocenti and jumped off after the first issue’s terrible art.


  3. Why bother? Last issue was so bad it made my insides turn outwards, like the rot in Animal Man.

  4. It’s just saddening. Mainstream comics cannot get any worse. Why does this have to happen to one of my favourite characters? Do that to Atom or Hawkman, and I’d not complain. This book really makes me happy that Jack Knight has retired to Frisco and that this retirement has been respected. Just imagine what quality a STARMAN book would have if it were handled by GA’s current writers and – probably most important – editors

  5. Well the writing and the art in the last two issues was hideous , so i strongly doubt i’ll be picking this up.

  6. i took the ifanboys advice and jumped off this issue after my heart broke with green arrow #7. i can see it hasnt gotten any better. even worse, he is using a gun……. this isnt even oliver queen. lord help me

  7. well here i was thinking of picking this up on trade, kinda new to this whole comic book scene and i only buy trade. such a shame i liked the idea of green arrow aswell far more human than batman.

    • Don’t waste your money. If you want some “more human” Green Arrow, look back to the 80s at Grell’s work. You can probably find trades online somewhere still (eBay maybe) and they are some of my favorite Ollie stories. Of course, Green Lantern/Green Arrow from the 70s is fantastic, too.

  8. I am giving this one more issue…. but as a fan of the REAL Green Arrow I too have had enough… And the artwork really is painful…..