EXCLUSIVE! Image Expo: HAPPY! from Grant Morrison & Darick Robertson at Image Comics

Happy 2012Today at the Image Expo in Oakland, California, Image Comics publisher Eric Stephenson kicked off the independent focused comic convention with several new announcements of projects at Image Comics. The climax of his speech was the announcement that Image Comics would be working with acclaimed writer Grant Morrison.

Stephenson announced that Grant Morrison would be teaming up with artist Darick Robertson (The Boys, Transmetropolitan) to bring the comic Happy! to Image Comics. No other information was provided at the con, but we were able to chat with Grant Morrison briefly about the move to Image Comics and what we can expect from Happy!

iFanboy: After years of working with DC Comics and Vertigo, why the move to work with Image Comics?

Grant Morrison: Well, I’m still writing Batman and Superman stories at DC for the foreseeable future and also doing new creator owned stuff  for Vertigo – the final volume of Seaguy and at least one other series too be announced – but over the last couple of years I’ve been developing a range of new titles and characters, not all of which would necessarily suit Vertigo. I liked the idea of doing different types of books with different publishers, hence things like Dinosaurs versus Aliens with Liquid/Dynamite, and the rawer, more…unrestrained work I’m doing with Image.

iF: How did you get connected with Image?

GM: Joe Casey introduced me to Eric Stephenson and Robert Kirkman, both of whom were overflowing with enthusiasm and creativity. We got on well over dinner in Los Angeles and agreed on a few projects we’d like to do together. They seem to be having a lot of fun and I’m very excited to join the party.

iF: Can you tell us about any of the projects you’ll be doing at Image and what can fans expect?

GM: So far, I’m only able to tell you that the first one is set around Christmas, it’s called Happy! and it’s drawn by Darick Robertson an artist I’ve had plans to work with for a long time.  Happy! is in a genre I’ve never really tackled before – but with a bizarre twist, of course.

Beyond that, there are big plans to do more books at Image and I have several ideas lined up – but I have to wait until the ink dries on the contracts before I’m allowed to say another word!

iF: Image Comics has been very active in promoting creator owned comics and new ideas, as someone who’s made a name for big, new ideas, how do you feel about the creator owned movement in comics and bringing something new to the table?

GM: As much as I enjoy contributing stories to long-running franchises and work-for-hire superhero universes, I’ve made a point of owning my own stuff all the way from when I started out as a teenager in the ‘70s doing Captain Clyde and the strips in Near Myths to Joe the Barbarian just last year. For numerous reasons, I think it’s important for any writer in the comics business to maintain a healthy portfolio of creator-owned material and IPs and I’m encouraged and inspired by the fact that companies like Image exist to provide that platform and permit a level of creative self-expression that’s hard to find in other media.

Everybody knows we need new, contemporary characters and stories that are relevant to the world we live in; I’m delighted that 2012 is shaping up to be a banner year for fresh and original comics.


  1. SEAGUY! Yes. I love that book and am glad to hear it’s coming out. Hopefully we can get a All-in-one trade of the Trilogy. Will read this book with a big smile, though. Love Darick Robison.

  2. Words can not express how excited I am about this!!!! Morrison is my favorite writer in comics and as much as I love his superhero stuff, I think his original work is much better.

  3. Man, Brubaker, Hickman, BKV, and now Morrison? Image is getting everyone!

    • Image “had” Hickmal all the time. His first comic work (as far as I know) was published trough Image.

    • I know that, but for until Red Wing he hadn’t done work at Image for a while, and it was starting to look like he would only do work-for-hire comics. Glad to see that he’s coming back with two ongoing series.

  4. Awesome! Image is getting the heavy hitters aren’t they. Also, well spoken little chat about creator owned work and work for hire, all the ppl fusing over that issue should just read this article and take cue.

  5. An announcement with Ron about Darrick Robertson…hmmm have these two been seen in the same place together?

  6. Image is killing it this year!

  7. If you “KIRKMANLY”, they will come.

  8. I wonder if Morrison will ever go back to writing The New Adventures of Adolf Hitler? It’d be cool beans if he did.

  9. Interesting team up we have here. I mean Darick Robertson is a great artist but I never would have associated him to do art for a Morrison comic. But hey, I didn’t think the same about Cameron Stewart so I was wrong there. When more of this comes out we’ll see if I’ll wait for trade or get it in issues.

  10. Yes! None of this is bad news. I’m on board.

    Morrison is the only creator that I follow anywhere regardless of concept, publisher, or teammate. That’s not to say I’ve blindly swallowed everything he’s done. Some of it wasn’t for me. But I’ve rarely been disappointed.

  11. It kind of really shows the difference between the companies when the week DC and Marvel announce creator musical chairs Image rolls out 4 or 5 battering ram books.

  12. Glad to see that Morrison hasn’t forgotten about Seaguy, as I think that the first two minis are among his best work. As for Happy, Morrison is mixed for me, so I’ll be waiting for more info . . .

  13. never read anything by morrison that was’nt superhero related.
    happy sounds like a good place to start or maybe this seaguy business.
    i still need to read supergods as well.
    i’m so behind on my reading

    • They’re coming out with an omnibus of The Invisibles. If you can afford it that would be the place to start with Grant Morrison.

    • The first Grant Morrison book I ever read was We3. Which is a great place, in hind sight, to start reading his indy work. It’s not too costly of a book to get, so I’d HIGHLY recommend that. Also, a reprint of Flex Mentallo is coming out in April, that’s also worth checking out. Besides that, I’m currently reading his run on the Doom Patrol.

    • The Doom Patrol run is briliant — start there. Also, if you can find the first Seaguy trade (I heard it was out of print), it is well worth a read as well . . .

  14. I’m really excited for this! Can’t wait for more info.