Center for Disease Control Releases Zombie Preparedness Guide

The season finale of The Walking Dead had our survivors locked inside the Center for Disease Control (CDC) in Atlanta, GA with a crazy nihilistic scientist. It was a really cool concept and totally divergent from the comics. The CDC is a real place, and really in Atlanta, where it serves as 1 of 2 storage facilities of living smallpox on the entire planet. But they also do a lot of outreach and their latest piece is a gem titled “Preparedness 101: Zombie Apocalypse” How cool is that?!

The blog post admits that zombies aren’t real, but all the same, better safe than sorry, right? Plus the prevalence of zombies in popular culture has made some people legitimately worried about how to prepare. So why not give them some good advice?

The advice in the post is advice that’s actually useful to prepare for most types of natural disasters, and I like the idea that people would be better prepared in general based on the more fun pretense of a zombie outbreak. Ask yourself if you actually have the things recommended in your emergency kit and see if the idea of zombies doesn’t motivate you more than the next thunderstorm.

Yet, the coolest part of the post is explaining how the CDC would respond to a zombie outbreak. So many zombie stories focus on people in the absence of any organized governmental intervention, and maybe their plan wouldn’t work that well during the breakdown of society but it is reassuring that they at least have a plan in the first place.

Step 1: They'd invesitgate, which is what they do when any new disease shows up.

Step 2: Provide technical assistance. Odds are the outbreak isn't centered in Atlanta, so the CDC would coordinate with locals to help isolate and/or quarantine the infected, provide facilities to run test and help with the tracking and spread of the infection.

Step 3: Study the illness. They'd do all kinds of science to it attempting to find orgins, how quickly it spreads, modes of transmission, best possible treatment and maybe even a cure.

Having received an emergency preparedness merit badge while a Boy Scout, I can say with some authority that this list seems like a good course of action.

So go scope it out and then maybe rewatch some Walking Dead while you prepare your kit. The summer has already seen too many natural disasters; it’d suck to get caught by a brain-eater with your pants down.


  1. I say they should mass produce bite proof suits that have all sorts of useful gadgets and gizmos in them. You know so you could pee and stuff with out taking off the suit. And you should be able to feed yourself through a tube and drink through another. But these suits would have to be light weight and be flexible so people could easily run and manuver in them.

  2. The one thing they don’t say is to fight back. Tax dollars at work here people.

  3. I totally have a brilliant idea now after what I just posted.

  4. I’ve been prepared and plan ready for a looooooooooooong time now.

  5. As mentioned in the article, the CDC was a factor in the last episode of the Walking Dead. You know how they did?

    MISERABLE! They either went batshit insane or got killed during the epidemic without any chance of finding a cure. So I won’t be following them for any zombie survival. 

  6. As a public servant, and as competitive human bring, I will take this up the chain so we may produce an even cooler plan of action. And also prepare for other possible threats, ie; aliens, vamps

  7. @TeleCarlos ya you should totally recommend my suit idea

  8. @FoeApple  Me too my man, me too.