After Deadman, DC Universe Presents…The Challengers of the Unknown

Fan of Jenkins’ opening Deadman tale or not, DC Universe Presents remains a tantalizing experiment, especially for those of us eager for lower tier characters to get star turns in a monthly book. Boston Brand has made for a polarizingopening act, but there’s been little clue as to the underdogs waiting in the wings for the series’ second arc. Until now.

DC Comics announced this morning that February’s issue #6 will see the start of a new story line featuring the Challengers of the Unknown. First introduced in the late 50s by Jack Kirby in the pages of Showcase, the team of adventurers will receive a modern update from Dan DiDio and artist Jerry Ordway. It seems a natural fit for DiDio, who’s more than exceeded expectations on the new O.M.A.C. title with co-writer and artist Keith Giffen.

Here’s a look at the cover by Ryan Sook. Oh yes.

DC Universe Presents #6, cover by Ryan Sook


  1. Timmy Wood TimmyWood (@TimmyWood) says:

    I’ve always liked the concept of the Challengers of the Unknown. They just seem to pail in comparison with some of the other super powered human beings in the DC universe. Excited to see them given another shot.

    What a great cover too.

  2. zombiemoses zombiemoses says:

    need to remember that i will jump on again on issue 6. didn’t really dig the first arc since i am not a deadman fan but i had a lot of love for the Challengers in the last volume of Brave and the Bold.

    Good going.

  3. Paul Montgomery Paul Montgomery (@fuzzytypewriter) says:

    I am really, really happy that Ryan Sook is doing so many covers lately. One of my all-time favorite artists.

    • Cormac Cormac says:

      Yeah but not happy so many of them are for ultra-obscure books I have no interest in, and not happy that he hasn’t done any interiors since Return of Bruce Wayne (unless i missed something?)

    • Cormac Cormac says:

      not that Challengers is ultra-obscure. I’m thinking of books from Dynamite and such. It always weirds me out seeing someone like him or Cassaday doing covers for books that have no buzz whatsoever.

    • party party says:

      The only downside of his prolific cover-making is the disappointing disconnect between his art and the interiors…

    • OnASunday OnASunday says:

      His BPRD covers are astounding. Not that Guy Davis and Ryan Crook are bad artists by any means but part of me is disappointed when I open those books and it’s not his art.

  4. Ahhh their debut was in showcase #6 now coming back in Dc presents #6. icwhattheydidthere

  5. Blargo Blargo says:

    Oh shi-

  6. TomO TomO says:

    Oh, hell yeah.

    Even if I would’ve preferred to see an up-and-comer given a chance on the art or writing.

  7. SmoManCometh SmoManCometh says:

    I’m not sure if Ordway is the right artist for a modern take, but I also haven’t seen any newer stuff for him. This will definetly get a look from me. The Challengers is a concept that could be huge when in the right hands.

  8. Kmanifesto says:

    I’m in!

  9. OttoBott OttoBott says:

    Holy cow, Ordway is old-school. That fits for Challengers, for me.

  10. Heroville Heroville says:

    I would’ve loved for Allred or Cooke art but Ordway’s good too. If the story is tight we can put to rest whether or not Giffen is really carrying DiDio on OMAC.

  11. DocShaner DocShaner says:

    They had me at Ordway.

  12. john12345678 john12345678 says:

    For anyone interested, check out the Loeb/Sale “Challengers of the Unkown must Die” It is one of my favorite calabos between the two creators and fun look into the characters themselves

  13. Conor Kilpatrick Conor Kilpatrick (@cskilpatrick) says:

    I think this book needs shorter arcs. Three issues is probably more ideal. If you put out an arc that most people don’t care about, that’s half your year gone.

  14. stasisbal stasisbal says:

    At first I was so impressed by that Ryan Sook cover (as usual) and focusing on the foreground that I didn’t even realize what was going on behind them. Sweet.

    Didio also did a good job on the Metal Man strip in Wednesday comics. He seems to have a genuinely great handle on that Silver Age-y style.

  15. RobotZombie RobotZombie says:

    Wow….That cover is amazing.

  16. OliverTwist OliverTwist says:

    Excitement rising, I need to scrap some nickels together to get this. It sounds interesting.

  17. adrianrigter adrianrigter says:

    after OMAC i’ll gladly give Dan Didio a chance with this. will get.

  18. GL206 says:

    looks great. picking this up

  19. I’m intrigued to pick this new arc up. But two things trouble me:

    A) Even though OMAC is getting huge praise (I have yet to read it), I don’t trust Dan Didio as a writer.
    B) Jerry Ordway fits the old school aesthetic for the arc, but his recent work has been pretty bad. That arc he did toward the tail end of Geoff Johns run on JSA is the best example.

  20. srh1son srh1son says:

    Just listen to the New Pornographers instead.

  21. Skyfire124 Skyfire124 says:

    I’m in…I seem to be one of the few who have enjoyed the take on Deadman, but Im very excited to see what they do with the Challengers. I’m LOVING that cover! Feels like I’m seeing a seamless blend of Basri, Darwyn Cook, and Jack Kirby.