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The newest chapter of the Ghost Who Walks continues to provide plenty of intrigue and adventure. This version of Kit…

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This is such a ridiculously awesome comic. Written by a six year old and illustrated by his 30 year old…

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This series is why I love comics. Issue 4 continues the fun filled super hero awesomeness that is Daredevil. Great…

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February 16, 2013 9:42 am Very interesting article. A concept I had never considered. I find myself moving more and more away from DC because of a lack of interest in the overall tone of their books. One of the series that I found to be pure super-hero comic book fun, Superman Family Adventures, they canceled which left me more disillusioned with DC. I guess there's no real wrong or right about it. DC just isn't creating many comics for me as a fan, but there are plenty of other fans who love their books right now.