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    November 1, 2012 10:17 am I missed some of this series in the middle, but I still remember very well going out to buy #1 when I was a senior in high school. A couple friends bought it as well and we all sat around in awe at a brand new shiny X-Men book...and we also ended up watching the X-Men cartoon in it had staying power back then.
    October 14, 2012 10:38 pm In my opinion, Marvel misses the mark with their animation quite a bit. Not 100% of the time, but quite a bit. But, and I probably am in the minority with this, I prefer Marvel print but DC animation. DC print does little for me, but their shows are usually outstanding. Marvel shows are usually underwhelming, while I've enjoyed their comics for decades.
    September 28, 2012 11:04 pm Our biggest obstacle was money. We were both just finishing up college, didn't have much money, and couldn't get a loan for much either. We took what we had, found a decent sized place in a strip mall, and went from there. Back then there was Diamond, Heroes World (for Marvel) and also a local distribution company where we could get all sorts of stuff (sports cards, toys, etc...). Orders were done with a pen and a packet we had to mail in each month! We pretty much spent all the money we had getting the initial orders in and the basic set up of the store done. So when it came time to really try to create our identity we didn't have much left. When we opened there were probably about 8-10 other comic shops in town, when we closed there were half of that, and that's being generous. THere are still two shops that I know of that are still open, and they were the first two that opened (that I know of). One is part of a larger company, the other a single owner that's been there for probably nearly 40 years. We closed right before Marvel went bankrupt, so sales had declined for sure, but it's still hard to say if we were part of the crash, or if we were just too small of a start up (probably a mix of both...we just couldn't gain traction with returning customers so our monthly sales were like a roller coaster. That makes it real hard to manage when you order two months in advance). I still wonder if we could've hung on for a bit longer and found an online presence as the internet and sites like eBay really took off, maybe we could've made it into a long term project. As I said before, though, glad I did it, wouldn't trade the experience for anything, but it was a tough go. Probably should''ve waited until I got more established in life, but then again, along come kids and that makes it harder to take a shot at something like your own retail business. Tough to say when the time is right for something like that in life, I guess. Hope I answered your questions. Thanks for asking.
    September 28, 2012 5:45 pm This sounds very familiar to me...but I was on the other side of it. A buddy and I opened a comic shop in 1995...ran it for a couple years, and eventually gave up on it. I just couldn't get it to match the image in my head. Seriously. We had this great thing set up in our minds, we would knock the tar out of the other LCS's in town...people would think of us as the 'Cheers' of comic shops...but it just didn't get down. But I am glad we tried, it was cool in it's own way while it lasted. BTW...Good Luck to this new store! (I think you should suggest the beer idea to him...)