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August 5, 2013 3:27 pm Tilt at enough windmills and eventually one's bound to fall on you... I can't take this article seriously from a guy who used to go around decrying people with a preference for print as fetishists, which displayed the same lack of understanding/creepiness as calling something shelfporn. Except, you know, fetishist is a creepy term we can use to put down others, because, as we all know, we can't feel good about ourselves and our own interests without putting others down. Your use of crusade is particularly interesting, as its a loaded term full of racism and crushing heathens who don't agree with our point of view. But, hey, what do I know. I'm not weak willed enough to require acceptance from every Tom, Dick and Harry out on the street to rail against things I don't like. You want to decreepify nerd culture - which I don't think you believe in - fine, waste your time. I'll just hang out, read my books and look at my nicely ordered shelves. Seethe in anger as I use the term hatred, it will entertain me to no end.
June 15, 2013 1:48 am Wait a minute, wait a minute? You didn't mean to use wordy in the first place? Wordy=Verbose. Oy vey! No, I didn't misread your comments nor FlapJaxx. FlapJaxx very clearly was complimenting Paul. Your comments were not, as your response to Flap's posting was stated a clarification of your original critique, you seem to have not really understood what you're responding to. The phrase you are looking for is that you felt the word choice in this article wasn't well suited to a review. Which in and of itself is a cogent critique, if not really applicable because Paul's use of words is like Hawkeye's uses arrows.
June 14, 2013 9:05 pm Surprisingly, people are allowed to have differing opinions and change their minds about what they enjoy. It shocked me too when I found out.
June 14, 2013 9:02 pm Wordy is the critique people who have no clue what to critique in an article fall back on. IthoSpaien also seems to have misinterpreted FlapJaxx posting. **COMMENT MODERATED**
June 14, 2013 8:59 pm Too late, already been lumped. And as the great Presidents of the United States of America, "She's Lump, she's lump, she's in my head."
June 14, 2013 7:56 pm This must have been a tough review for Paul to write. Anyone that's been on this site knows how big of a fan of the character he is. Honest, well written. I agree with almost all of it. Cavill's good, but not quite Christopher Reeve levels of believability. However, the most disappointing thing about this comments section? All the vitriol laden comments from people who LIKED THIS MOVIE. I expect the people who don't like something to be lobbing the bombs or being assholes. But people who LIKED IT? Superman? Did you miss the entire point of the character? If this comments section is representative of the attitudes behind the people who give it 5/5s then I really want nothing to do with them.
March 20, 2013 3:59 pm Money. That's all this really is. Thanking his editor on the way out? He was writing Action Comics, saw the initial preorder figures (or it was mentioned at the retreat) and went waa-waa-waa to the Powers that Be asking for more compenstation. He wasn't granted it, so he packed up his old kit bag and decided to take his toys away, hoping someone would stop him on the way out. No one did, because Tony Daniel probably works a lot cheaper and easier to wrangle. Look at the Gail Simone situation from a few months back. it was well known her contract was set to expire. She was down to one book, which sold fairly well, but which had fairly low critical acclaim outside of the dedicated Simone-ites. She tried to play hardball, negotiate up, her editor was told to keep her at her former rate. She said no, so he fired her. She played the internet for sympathy, got her position back when the higher ups realized they got rid of someone with a small-but-rabid fan base. Look at her tweets since that incident. Nary a bad word said about DC. She got what she wanted. Others haven't. Here's the thing, even if this isn't about money - (which word round the Zoo is that the editoral claims are to hide how cash strapped DC is) - I bet anything Diggle hit upon something Snyder was going. Snyder sells books, he's the guy you make sure get his story his way. Diggle's recent pulications haven't been amazing. I'm shocked he was even considered to replace Morrison. Alas... this has gone on too long. Also, I'm getting very tired of Leifeld and Waid always being there to pile on situations like this. I don't expect a lot from Leifeld, but Waid I do, and everytime he chimes in with some withering comment I lose a little respect for him.
March 19, 2013 5:08 pm Gail Simone's run was fairly middling, quality wise. Some decent issues, but mostly very dull. In many ways, it feels like she missed the point of Wonder Woman - WONDER. If I recall, it didn't really sell well. Jodi Picoult's run was horrendous as well. It features a scene where Wonder Woman has to get gas and is baffled by a credit card. It's not that I don't think a woman shouldn't or can't write Wonder Woman, but the track record isn't good. You're right though. Still, I think Morrison might be the person to give WW a kick into the 21st Century. (Though Azzarello is doing that, too, the books is more WW's universe getting a facelift than WW herself.)
February 18, 2013 1:16 pm The question that seems to be posing a stumbling block to some of the "Let's burn it to the ground!" is "What about Bill Willingham?" People tend to always conveniently gloss over him, a guy whose response "Where are the gay characters in Fables?" was "There are no gay fairytales." A guy who wrote a story in which a gay character jokes about being cured of being gay. A guy who wrote a story where one of the most intelligent characters in the DCU, Mr. Terrific, starts dropping some "street slang" into his dialogue for no reason. Here's a guy with fairly outspoken politics, who no one is calling for a boycott of, who is currently collaborating with artists who are gay or at least very liberally minded. It doesn't seem like the furor is evenly matched. Is it because Card comes from the "big world" of SciFi novels? Where he might actually have a fair bit of political weight in terms of donations that we're afeared? Whereas poor ol' Billy Wills is a simple comic booker? This isn't to say people should be bringing pitchforks to bear. But egads, why is it just this one guy? Why is it when he writes a book for DC? I'm sure we could cast an eye over at Marvel and find some unpopular opinions rooting around the halls there, too. Boycott the book. That's your right. Your store boycotting the book is their right as well. But pushing for the guy to be "shut out" of something because of his beliefs is baffling? Should you be pushed out of your job because of your beliefs? Should anyone? Instead of being an enlightened, adult view of the subject, we're reducing things down to base mob mentality. "Get'em Steve-Dave!" (As well, I'm baffled at the selective memory on Ultimate Iron Man. "Oh, well, I knew he was anti-gay, just not *this* anti-gay." This strikes as being, at best dishonest at worst, outright hypocritical.)
January 28, 2013 2:13 pm "Oh, god, a book made me go look something up on the internet! THE HORROR! THE HORROR!" I won't reiterate what others have said about letting the narrative flow or perhaps waiting for issue 4 where "all will be revealed." But egads, this is what passes for a supposedly intelligent and "older" readership? "I AM ANGRY THAT THEY USED A CHARACTER I DIDN'T KNOW. I AM ANGRY THAT SAID CHARACTER WASN'T MENTIONED BEFORE" Were you also angry when the red-headed guy with the sign kept getting focus in the Watchmen? I bet you hated that Mark Wahlberg's character came back in THE DEPARTED. If this were a brand new character who just showed up out of the blue, would you be as angry? It just reads as such a stereotypical nerd-boy rage, from someone who does nothing but remind us that "I'm not like them." Now, let's be honest, Marvel's MARVEL NOW moved has been a bit of a new-reader-unfreidnly-crapfest. (Not that the books on the whole are, but Marvel's not even bothering with new readers with this move. None of the Avengers books. Hell, Even All New X-Men has a steep curve to it. It's a fumble of the whole point of the "soft" reboot.) Much of the line is a turgid miasma of continuity. But... this... this is like. Did anyone complain when in CAPTAIN MARVEL Carol keeps talking about people we've never heard of before but the narrative keeps treating them like we should? It wasn't a bad move. We don't need Cyclops explaining his powers every other page. We don't need everycharacter saying someone's name.. Could this have been clearer? Sure. But at the same time.... give it a fucking minute. Maybe the point is the mystery. Because right now, I think you're going to be reading #4 on the slow train to Trollsville.