Name: Ernest Sands


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September 17, 2015 8:54 pm Finally finished listening to the episode 501. Took 4 days driving home from work including circling the block 6 times. The neighbors are now very suspicious. I was thinking that you should re number as vol 2 #1 to be more accessible to new listeners. Then maybe go back to old numbering in time for episode 600. Also, make the new #1 episode a special edition hologram with some variants. You should also try and start planning a big summer cross over event. Not sure who with as you guys are the only podcast I listen to. But I trust your judgement. Also, I was wondering about the whole Ron coming back thing. How did you handle the interviewing/selection process to not get entangled in a discrimination/unfair hiring practices law suit? I have been a very loyal listener for a long time, really enjoy the show and many times thought about joining and supporting t but always feared I wouldn't really get my free comic, turns out I made the right call. Tell Tom King to mention that he finally got his in a future issue of Grayson and I may reconsider. Keep on doing what you enjoy because we can tell and we enjoy it too. and when you stop enjoying it, do it for another 6 months so that we can quit you before you quit us!