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Pick of the Week #501 – We Stand On Guard #3

Show Notes

Reunited and it’s never felt so good. To celebrate over 500 episodes of the podcast, Josh Flanagan, Conor Kilpatrick, and Ron Richards get together for an unprecedented live stream podcast recording. For OVER THREE HOURS, the guys take YOUR questions and talk comics, the past 500 episodes and many other embarrassing stories. If you missed the live stream, no worries, we have the entire audio here for your enjoyment. So pop open a cold one, pull up a chair and get ready for the epic 501st episode.

Running Time: 03:13:54

WeStandOnGuard_03-1Pick of the Week:
00:02:54 – We Stand On Guard #3

Audience Questions:
00:17:54 – The tradition continues as we field questions from the loyal iFanbase for 3 hours straight. Listen as the iFanboy trio slowly fall apart, talking comics to the very bitter end.

  • Adrian from Newastle, Australia wants to know which series the iFanboy used to love but don’t anymore. And also which color lightsaber they would wield.
  • Matthew M. asks which was iFanboy’s favorite series canceled before its time.
  • Charles T. from Front Royal, VA asks about which Marvel characters would wear the different Lantern rings and wants to know about DC and Image’s digital plans.
  • Lukas B. from Neulengbach, Austria asks about murder mystery comics, Showcase Presents, music pairings with comics, and doppelgängers.
  • Michael T. (and Brian C.) wants to know about the role of religion in superhero comic books.
  • Matt W. from Charlotte, NC asks about Supergods and special edition podcasts.
  • Nick P. from Luxembourg via Newport Beach, CA is looking for classic X-Men and Spider-Man stories, asks about Lucifer, and how to fix DC’s Robin problem.
  • Wes from Newport, MN wants to know who would write and draw the comic book version of the iFanboy story.
  • Chris J. from Whitby, Ontario, Canada asks about what the iFanboys have learned about hosting a podcast.
  • Tom F. thinks maybe listeners should occasionally get to make the Pick of the Week.
  • Teemu from Helsinki, Finland wants the iFanboys to come up with a special Top 5 list.
  • Jarret G. is curious about the iFanboys’ preferred time and location for reading comics.
  • Adam O. from Dayton, OH wants to know if Marvel’s top writers went to DC, which books would they write?
  • Mike G. from Ottawa, Canada is curious if Josh still has that Lego TIE fighter.
  • David G. from Worcester, MA has a question about the Ultimate universe.
  • Edward G. is looking to play a word association game.
  • Adam S. wants to know why certain writers get more leeway than others.
  • Tom D. from Grand Isle, VT wants to delve into the question of continuity.
  • Andrew H. wants to know what the iFanboy would do if they were in charge of Marvel’s Star Wars line.
  • Eric E. asks about the comic books that most influenced the iFanboys, personally.
  • Jay K. from South Carolina has a friend who makes him feel bad for reading comic books digitally.
  • Matt K. from Long Island, NY wants Conor to do a specific sponsor read.
  • Phil A. (and Travis R.) from Pennsylvania has a question about how to podcast.
  • Jason S. wants to know why DC used to be better at continuity.
  • Adam from Central Florida is curious if the iFanboys have changed their habits from four years ago.
  • Ray D. wants to know if Ron still dislikes Morrison’s New X-Men and if anyone’s opinions have changed on The Dark Knight.
  • Gabe A. from sometimes Cambridge, MA and sometimes Santa Monica, CA used to be deep into comic book culture but isn’t anymore. He wants to know what the iFanboys do to keep up?
  • Brian W. from Atlanta, GA wants to know if there are any Pick of the Week regrets.
  • Dan C. wants to know how the Pick of the Week is determined.
  • Dave from Los Angeles, CA wants to know if people actually start reading comic books anywhere other than with the first issue.
  • Wayne from Chula Vista, CA wants the iFanboys to do a special edition podcast on Seveneves.
  • Patrick K. of Rohan wants to know where the fear of rebar came from.
  • Zach G. from Virginia asks a question about fried chicken that throws the entire rest of the night into disarray.
  • Ken O. from Madison Heights, MI asks about certain superheroes’ favorite music.
  • Stuart C. from Sydney, Australia wants to know how Josh feels when one of his impressions doesn’t land.
  • Stuart from Hampshire, England thinks that surely DC and Marvel will have to retire their old characters and create new ones.
  • Scott C. from Fort Wayne, Indiana asks a deep question about the nature of criticism.
  • Joe B. from St. Louis, MO asks about books that the iFanboys have enjoyed for the entirety of the run of the podcast.
  • Tom C. from Newcastle, UK asks about comic books that don’t take place in cities and Conor’s college sex life.
  • Vincent from Westchester wants to know why the success of all of these comic book movies has not lead to booming comic book sales.
  • Allan H. is a DC fan who is unhappy with DC and wants to know if he should jump ship to Marvel.
  • Brian C. from Cleveland, OH wants to know if DC will reboot again when The New 52 titles hit their #52 and if the iFanboys could buy sketches for each other, what would they be and who would draw them?
  • Greg O. from Hastings NE wants Tom Katers to come back on the show.
  • Jason S. from Knoxville, TN wants to know if, when the show is over, the iFanboys will quite reading single issues (or comics altogether), how Ron’s time at Image Comics affected his comic book reading, and how the music on the show changed when Ron left.
  • Ryan J. from Northfield, MN asks about the song choices that go with each podcast.
  • Kerby O. from Austin, TX asks which Star Wars characters should have nicknames like “Lo”/Lobot.
  • Bill S. from Kansas City wants to know why the iFanboy hate Fables.
  • Miroslav L. from Croatia is curious about the most important thing when it comes to recording a weekly podcast.
  • James V. from Brentwood, TN wants to know which comic book creators Ron knows personally and has a bizarre question about pudding.
  • Brandon C. wants to know about the iFanboys’ most embarrassing moment related to comics.
  • Joe C. wants to know what the best documentary about The Civil War is other than The Civil War, also he wants to know what the best book is.
  • Tom K. from Washington DC has a bone to pick with Ron and reveals what Dick Grayson and Barbara Gordon’s relationship is in The New 52.
  • Kyle O. from Winnipeg, Ontario, Canada wants to know about the process of creating the podcast every week.

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  1. Thanks for reading my email gentlemen.

  2. What are the odds there is another Patrick K. who wrote in? I got totally faked out by that.

  3. Thanks for reading my question! Been listening since 300ish and the first time I have been on teh show!

    Was a great time and I cannot wait for the 10th anniversary show!

  4. Thanks for reading my question, too – and for the whole damn “live chat/streaming event,” which was total fun! The iFanboy community is a special one.

  5. These live shows are always fun. Thank you for doing them.

  6. The fact that you guys have fun doing this is what makes it such a great show. I can tell how much joy there is in this, and having Ron back (and Josh’s ability to make him laugh maniacally) has made it all the better.

  7. @Conor When I was playing Knights of the Old Republic, there were three primary colors (blue, green, and yellow) that were assigned to a Padawan according to what discipline within the Jedi Order they were studying. The three were guardian, sentinel, and consular. I say that’s pretty cool.

    • I’m glad you like it–I’m sure many do. For me it represents everything that Star Wars does wrong, namely, trying to over-explain things. For me, almost every time that Star Wars does that, things get significantly less cool and interesting.

      But that’s me.

    • Hmm. That kind of stuff caters to who I am. Like my favorite part of the Lord of the Rings trilogy is the appendix in the back of Return of the King. I guess that’s the chronicler in me.

    • I actually normally like back story and appendix style information, I just think that Star Wars is incredibly bad at all of that stuff. Perhaps it’s the taint of the prequels but everything they tried to explain from Midichlorians to Boba Fett’s origin fell flat on its face for me.

      I am NOT looking forward to the young Han Solo movie.

    • Wasn’t the colors just “hey everybody: good guys have red, bad guys have blue” in New Hope and then instead of wasting a Jedi scene with Luke explaining how he has a lightsaber again they made it green so everyone knew that he just built a new one?

      I thought it was all pretty straightforward and practical design until the prequels and then…ugh fanboy ret-coning and we now have the rainbow coalition of lightsabers each with some fabricated meaning. When the real reason was some production designer solving a problem.

      I love good mythology and history as well, but this just feels all forced onto it, just to give something meaning where it had none originally (no pun intended).

      Also whatever happened to Obi-Wan’s lightsaber after New Hope? Vader was tap dancing on it and then…to the trash compactor? Doesn’t the Empire recycle?

    • @jokingofcourse: “I thought it was all pretty straightforward and practical design until the prequels and then…ugh fanboy ret-coning and we now have the rainbow coalition of lightsabers each with some fabricated meaning. When the real reason was some production designer solving a problem.

      “I love good mythology and history as well, but this just feels all forced onto it, just to give something meaning where it had none originally (no pun intended).”

      Those are pretty much my thoughts exactly.

    • I think the prequels had a lot of collateral damage. I’m not sure if the prequels had anything to do with Biowares interpretation though. I think that was more the extended universe material.

      On a side note, eventually my son will watch them and probably love them and I won’t be able to say a damn thing.

    • @conor I agree with pretty much everything you said regarding Star Wars falling flat when it attempts to over explain things. It’s just not the kind of franchise that needs that type of minutiae. However, I don’t think any of that is reason to be concerned about the young Han Solo film considering that really none of the people that were involved with the prequels or EU works you mentioned will be involved with that film. I assume you’re also not excited for Rogue One as that will be over explaining the capture of the Death Star plans?

    • @USPUNX: I am somewhat apprehensive about all of the spinoff films, but mostly those that are going to delve into known characters’ backstories (i.e. Han and Boba Fett). ROGUE ONE could be interesting.

    • @connor: That’s true, Rogue One will be covering more virgin territory. Also less sacred territory.

      How have you felt about the plethora of new Marvel Star Wars comics adding backstory to so many known character’s backstories? I think they’ve been a little hit or miss. For instance, I am loving the Lando mini but am not really caring for the main Star Wars book.

    • @USPUNX: I’ve made my feelings known pretty clearly on the podcast… 🙂

    • @conor: Haha my bad! Still working my way through the beast.

    • @USPUNX: I don’t mean *this* podcast, I mean just about every episode of the show when the books have been brought up. Short answer: I don’t want any part of them.

  8. I’m a little disappointed in the live show…
    You guys claim to still care and be enthused about the podcast…

    But in over 3 hours Ron can’t find time to knock “Around Comics” even once?

    How am I supposed to remember you outlasted them any more?
    Guess I’ll have to listen my mp3 loop from past shows.

    **Episode 600: the best of-all clips-show of shows.

    If you start now you could pre-record and get a week off.
    Semper Paratus

  9. Finally finished listening to the episode 501. Took 4 days driving home from work including circling the block 6 times. The neighbors are now very suspicious.

    I was thinking that you should re number as vol 2 #1 to be more accessible to new listeners. Then maybe go back to old numbering in time for episode 600. Also, make the new #1 episode a special edition hologram with some variants. You should also try and start planning a big summer cross over event. Not sure who with as you guys are the only podcast I listen to. But I trust your judgement.

    Also, I was wondering about the whole Ron coming back thing. How did you handle the interviewing/selection process to not get entangled in a discrimination/unfair hiring practices law suit?

    I have been a very loyal listener for a long time, really enjoy the show and many times thought about joining and supporting t but always feared I wouldn’t really get my free comic, turns out I made the right call. Tell Tom King to mention that he finally got his in a future issue of Grayson and I may reconsider.

    Keep on doing what you enjoy because we can tell and we enjoy it too. and when you stop enjoying it, do it for another 6 months so that we can quit you before you quit us!

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