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October 24, 2020 11:24 pm Hey guys, loved the show but I think this might have been better if you looked for descriptions of the choices or something. From what I can tell, Connor missed the first "Kill the Joker" line, which has two branching paths. In the first one, he kills the Joker and turns himself in, where he becomes a punisher-esque character in jail, dealing out his own brand of justice to imprisoned criminals. The second is where he kills the Joker and then escapes and becomes Red Robin (named that because of his murderous ways) and eventually confronts Two-Face in a mall. He tries to taser Two-Face but gets overpowered and you then get to choose how Two Face's coin lands. If it lands on the "bad" side then Two-Face decides that the greatest punishment for Jason would be to live with his actions, so he spares Jason's life and Jason retires from crimefighting. If it lands on the "good" side then he goes to kill Jason but Tim Drake (who happened to be at the mall) tases him with Jason's taser, which got knocked away during the fight. Tim convinces Jason that this isn't what Batman would have wanted and then Jason quits killing and takes Tim in as his sidekick...Batkid (As a Tim Drake fan, this one stung the most). Here's the Wikipedia page, which has pretty good descriptions of all the paths and endings:
September 18, 2020 12:32 am Hey guys, I know this is really late so I'm not sure if you'll see it but I wanted to comment. First off, loved the episode! In particular, your takes on Flash and Superman really gave me a deeper appreciation for those issues! Anyway, on to Marauders. I'm surprised you guys didn't mention the kiss. I'm not sure if you know, but Kitty's sexuality has been a long-running bit of contention with fans because she was coded as bisexual in early comics, and Claremont has said that he imagined the character that way and sees Rachel as the love of her life. Her kissing a girl (and the look she gave Rachel) was hugely important for a lot of people because that subtext is now on it's way to becoming text. Also, the Storm scene. When Storm says that Kitty has knuckle tattoos, she's referring to the ones Kitty got in Marauders #2. The ones in this issue were to replace those since she lost them when she died. So the Storm scene takes place before the party. I hope this didn't come off as preachy or anything, I just wanted to give some context to some things.
August 19, 2020 6:48 pm Hey guys, loved the show! Minor note, Kitty can come on to Krakoa, she just can't use the gates. That's why she travels to the island by boat.
July 22, 2020 6:07 pm Hey Ifanboy! I'm not sure if you know about this, but Marvel put out a free "Previously in Marvel Comics" book that has one-page summaries of every book they're currently putting out. I found that it was very helpful when I was trying to figure out what books I was still reading so I thought I'd mention it since you guys seemed to be having the same problem. Here's the Comixology link:
April 3, 2020 12:16 am This is so interesting and perfectly exemplifies why I love listening to your show! Personally, I *hated* this adaptation, but I loved listening to you guys talk about it and it helped me see a different perspective. I think the main reason I didn't like it was that I read the comic right before watching the movie. I'm usually fine with story changes but this movie made a lot of them and they were so severe that it felt like they used the book as a starting point rather than a reference point. All of the nuanced and subtle moments of the comic felt very heavy-handed and obvious in the movie and it felt like everyone's character was changed to more easily fit a side. In the comic, Superman didn't kill Stalin and only took power when the people asked, whereas the movie had him kill Stalin and take power by force. In the comic, Lex regularly ignored Lois and closed the Daily Planet to spite her, but in the movie he regrets missing their wedding anniversary and regularly tries to win her over. There's more, but these were just some examples of ways in which I felt the movie changed character motivations for the worse. Like I said though, I really enjoyed hearing your opinions on the movie and I'm glad you liked it! Also, it looks like that Apokolips War thing is true. Aside from the bit that Conor mentioned, is also reporting that it will be the last movie in the current shared universe.
March 5, 2020 2:49 pm I did say it doesn’t make the issue better haha. Yeah, Superman definitely should hav recognized Tim.
March 4, 2020 10:05 pm Two things in regards to Action Comics. First, Tim was Robin. Tynion's run retconned Tim's origin back to the pre-Flashpoint one where he discovered who Batman was and became Robin before becoming Red Robin. Second, this isn't the Superman from pre-52 anymore. In 2017 DC did an event called Superman Reborn where pre-52 Superman and New 52 Superman merged together. So this Superman is a weird mix of new 52 and old 52 memories and stories. None of this really makes the issue any better, but I just wanted to give some clarification.
November 27, 2019 2:11 pm Hey guys, first off this episode was great! Also, on the Kitty Pryde thing. I think the reason she's acting out so much is that she's upset about the Krakoa thing. She's basically been locked out of heaven so that would naturally lead to some frustration.
October 25, 2019 12:54 am I noticed that Josh mentioned having seen Gurihiru's art before but never followed up on where? Was it Gwenpool? I was surprised by how much I liked that series (Since I'm not a Deadpool or Gwen Stacy fan) but it quickly became my favorite series of the past decade (maybe ever). I always thought you guys would like it but I also assumed the title turned you away so it would be really cool to hear that Josh read it at some point!
August 29, 2019 10:52 am Hey guys, minor note: The upcoming Man of Tomorrow movie isn't an adaptation of anything, it's going to be an original story (Source from Also, I think you guys were thinking of the storyline simply titled "For Tomorrow" as that's the only thing I could find online that's written by Azzarello and penciled by Jim Lee.