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Pick of the Week #705 – Superman Smashes The Klan #1

Show Notes

We have achieved the rare and elusive, unanimous Pick of the Week/Patron Pick dovetail with this one. Superman remains ascendent, John Romita Jr. does double duty, Archie marches on, and what is the deal with Image Comics?

Running Time: 01:11:30

Pick of the Week/Patron Pick:
00:01:44 – Superman Smashes The Klan #1

00:18:44 – Superman: Year One #3
00:24:20 – X-Men #1
00:29:04 – Once & Future #3
00:31:47 – Batman #81
00:41:05 – Archie: The Married Life – 10th Anniversary #3
00:44:57 – History of the Marvel Universe #4
00:47:10 – Analog #9
00:48:18 – Superman’s Pal Jimmy Olsen #4

Patron Pick (Ratings):
00:50:50 – Superman Smashes The Klan #1

Patron Thanks:
00:52:24 – Ian Dunt
00:53:08 – Robert Cooper
00:54:05 – Kyle Saenz
00:55:34 – Philip Junek

Kang Corner:
00:58:26 – Let’s chat about Kang.

Audience Question:
01:01:09 – Andrew from California is wondering about the change with Image Comics.

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  1. IFanboy brought to you by Superman.

  2. Josh’s joy at recounting the Kang lore he had researched was delightful. I hope Kang Corner is a reoccurring segment.

    The nice thing about The Walking Dead was it was consistent. It’s frustrating when books like Saga or Low go on hiatus because I may or may not notice when the book comes back. Also I probably lost the story thread in the interim so I have to go back and reread the last few issues. I would argue this sort of thing hurts Image’s line up. It makes me want to wait for the trades. I wonder if that’s true for the majority of the prospective Image buying audience.

    Low came back for a couple issues in the Spring, but I almost didn’t notice and I love that book. It’s still fantastic.

  3. I noticed that Josh mentioned having seen Gurihiru’s art before but never followed up on where? Was it Gwenpool? I was surprised by how much I liked that series (Since I’m not a Deadpool or Gwen Stacy fan) but it quickly became my favorite series of the past decade (maybe ever).

    I always thought you guys would like it but I also assumed the title turned you away so it would be really cool to hear that Josh read it at some point!

    • I read through a bunch of their credits and didn’t really recognize any of them. I remain unsure. Either way, I’ll know it next time.

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