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Tradewaiters Gonna Wait: Animal Man Volume 01: The Hunt TPB

Heed the call of the wild.

The iFanboy Letter Column – 03.09.2012

Arnold Rothstein introduces a behind the scenes look at how the podcast comes together, artistic shuffling, & New Warriors!

(UPDATE) Artist Swap! Birds of Prey, Suicide Squad, Animal Man, and Resurrection Man Play Musical Chairs

When the music stops, pick up your pencil! UPDATED with comments from Travel Foreman.

(UPDATE!) DC Comics Announces BATMAN, TEEN TITANS and ANIMAL MAN Annuals for May

We like big books. We can not lie.

Best of 2011: Artist of the Year

Today, Mike discusses his favorites of the year and offers his pick for the Best Artist of 2011!

iFanboy’s Best of 2011: The Top 10 Best New Books of 2011

The Best of The New, 2011 style.

The Best of the Week in Covers – 11.02.2011

Start your Friday with a hot cup of covers.

The Best of the Week in Covers – 09.07.2011

Animal crackers in my soup. Monkeys and rabbits loop the loop.