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Top 5 D-List DC Heroes Who Deserve A Drastic Reboot, Vibe-Style

If Vibe can get a reboot and his own series at DC these days, there’s new hope for other heroes out there as well!

Preview: Ray Fawkes on CONSTANTINE #1

Two Johns walk into a bar…

Exclusive Preview: LEGION LOST #14

Harvest time.

Who’s Blue About The New 52?

DC’s continuity experiment has been a huge, universally loved success… hasn’t it?

Heads Up: DC Comics Previews – December 2012

“They’re O.R. scrubs.” “Orion?” “That’s…not how it goes.”

Gregg Hurwitz Takes Over Writing Duties on BATMAN: THE DARK KNIGHT

DC’s game of creator musical chairs continues!

DC Writers on the Move! Jeff Lemire Takes Over JUSTICE LEAGUE DARK; Peter Milligan to STORMWATCH (UPDATE!) Matt Kindt on FRANKENSTEIN

DC expands the role of its red hot writer.

The iFanboy Letter Column – 01.20.2012

Hurry and read these questions on reinvention, the 2nd wave of DC, and and new Fantastic Four movie before Lemansky gets to us!

“Her name is Pandora.”

She’s got a name.

PREVIEW: Stormwatch #5

The second-to-last Paul Cornell issue hits next week.