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DC Histories: Bart Allen (Impulse / Kid Flash II / Flash IV)

Bart Allen, grandson of the second Flash, has been racing through the DCU since 1994. Try to keep up with him in this week’s continuity marathon!

DC Histories: Shazam! (AKA Captain Marvel)

Shazam gets relaunched today. Wasn’t he once called Captain Marvel? Good memory. Find out more here!

DC Histories: Ray Palmer (Atom II)

Ray’s had a tough few years.

DC Histories: Night Force

Baron Winters and his Night Force return to comics today. Who? Find out here!

DC Histories: Future Batmen

Just who will be Batman in the future? There are more answers to that question than you may think.

DC Histories: Jonah Hex

Jonah Hex: Cold blooded bounty hunter or misunderstood little boy who misses his father? Definitely the former.

DC Histories: Challengers of the Unknown

In DC UNIVERSE PRESENTS, the Challengers of the Unknown return to the DCU today! But just who are the Challengers? Find out here!

DC Histories: Harley Quinn

Harley Quinn is getting a spotlight over in SUICIDE SQUAD #6 today. But what came before? Find out in our latest of the DC Histories!

DC Histories: Hawk and Dove

Their current series hasn’t quite ended yet! Before it’s gone, get caught up on the DC History of Hawk and Dove!

DC Histories: Hawkman

Arguably the most confusing DC History of them all, we break down Hawkman’s story from 1940 to today. You’d be surprised how complicated a flying guy with a mace can be.