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DC Histories: Two-Face

I believe in Harvey Dent.

DC Histories: Jared Stevens (Fate)

The 1990s version of Doctor Fate gets an examination this week!

DC Histories: Doctor Fate

There are many men and women who have taken up the mantel of Doctor Fate.

DC Histories: The Creeper

It’s the laugh that makes him so creepy.

DC Histories: Edward Nigma (The Riddler)

E. Nigma has more than lived up to his name as the Riddler.

DC Histories: Bane

Meet the man behind the wrestling mask.

DC Histories: Andrew Bennett (I, Vampire)

Cursed to stalk the love of his life for centuries, Andrew Bennett is a vampire on a mission.

DC Histories: Batman Intercompany Crossovers

For a while, Batman just couldn’t be contained by the pages of just one publisher’s comics.

DC Histories: Eclipso

He’s been everything from a small time crook to a moon splitting menace.

DC Histories: Huntress (Helena Wayne / Helena Bertinelli)

Whether she’s the daughter of Batman or a mob boss, the Huntress is still a threat to Gotham City’s lowlifes.