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Top 5: Vertigo Adaptations That Almost Happened

These comics ALMOST made it to a theatre near you.

iFlashback! February 4th, 2004

You may have called in sick into work after the Super Bowl but comics sure didn’t. Take a gander at some of the comics that came out nine years ago.

Series Left Hanging

Nobody puts volume 8 in a corner.

BREAKING: Dan Trachtenberg to Direct Y: THE LAST MAN

Some unexpected news from an old friend.

iFlashback! January 7th, 2004

2003 may have ended but iFlashback keeps on rolling on! Join us as we travel through the Ghosts of Comic Books Past.

iFanboy’s Best of 2012: The Best Comic Writers

The Write Stuff.

iFanboy’s Best of 2012: The Best Single Issues

There were almost more single issues in 2012 than anything else. We know.

iFlashback! December 3rd, 2003

Nine years ago we excitedly went to the comic book store and bought some books. These are just a handful of what was on the shelfs back in 2003!

The Best of the Week in Panels – 11.14.2012

They come from All-New X-Men #1, Saga #7, Invincible #97, Star Trek: The Next Generation / Doctor Who Assimilation 2 #7, Thor: God of Thunder #1, Conan the Barbarian #10, Batman #14

iFlashback! November 5th, 2003

Take a moment, imagine it is November of 2003 and you are at your comic book shop. These are some of the comics you would see on the shelf!