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Issue #8 was a fine last issue of the first “Zorro: Year One” arc. 

The best part of this origin arc is that all the bits that make up the Zorro legend are laid out and explained as the two main characters, Diego (Zorro) and Bernardo (his brother/servant/sidekick/chronicler) are thoroughly fleshed out.  As part of this, a believeable and interesting progression from childhood to masked avenger is laid out in detail by Matt Wagner, the writer.

On the other hand, the book seems to be missing an adversary worthy of the title character, and in general everyone else in the story feels like stereotyped background characters in comparison to Diego and Bernardo.  I look forward to the next arc to see where Matt Wagner goes with this.

The art by Francesco Francavilla has been very good bordering on excellent.  He has a great sense of storytelling, can draw everything from background to characters, and really makes Zorro seem youthful…it’s that smile on Zorro and Diego’s face that Francesco really nails.

New artist for the next arc, and then I hear Francaville is back for another arc.  Check out Zorro if you are into pulp or western.

Art 4.5. Story 4.0

Story: 4 - Very Good
Art: 4 - Very Good


  1. I love this comic. But issue 7 came out before issue six in Australia (Very offputting). Just like the Lone Ranger I’ll be switching to trades on this one.

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