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The Young Avengers has, up until this issue, been kind of a disappointment. This issue was excellent. The art was really top-notch and the writer really captured the feeling of the original series. The rest of the series has seemed almost pointless and the end of each has had a real kiss your sister kind of moment. This actually had a story that went somewhere and truly developed the characters.

Story: 5 - Excellent
Art: 5 - Excellent


  1. the end of each has had a real kiss your sister kind of moment. . .

    Wait, Quicksilver is in this series?  *bah-bum-CHING*

    Ahh, sorry.  This sounds interesting and, even tough I don’t even remember Vision being in the original YA series, I’m tempted to pick it up.

  2. What a spiffing comic – Paul Cornell’s script was terrific here, showing us the possibility of a romance between Cassie and the newly named Jonas (which Vizh thinks is a cool name, but I reckon is unpleasant), Cassie’s perspective on being pro-registration, a sticky situation for awkward teens, a sensible use of AIM agents and a look at where the Vision’s been for the past few months.

    Plus, there was some nice artwork by Mark Brooks and Jaime Mendoza. The characters were attractive – Jonas/teen Tony Stark looks great, and matches the charming personality Cornell gives him – and the action moved along nicely. The only bit that didn’t quite come off was a talking heads spread, in which clever things were being done in the background, but all the dialogue made this missable.

    When does Paul Cornell’s MI13 book come out? I cannot wait!

  3. It’s out on May 14th, Mart. And the Leonard Kirk artwork that’s been previewed online looks brilliant.

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