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Story by Mike Carey
Art by Jorge Molina & Craig Yeung
Colors byMatthew Wilson
Letters by Cory Petit
Cover by Mico Suayan & Marte Gracia

Size: pages
Price: 2.99

X-Men Legacy #248 was a decent enough read with the great characterization that we’ve come to expect from Mike Carey, but I did walk away from it feeling just a tiny bit burned. Not burned about the current new direction, mind you. I’m still as interested as anyone could be about Carey’s future X-stories. This issue just kind of hammered the point of how I was just a tad bit disappointed with the end of Age Of X.

Carey flawlessly set up the Age Of X universe and dropped us in like confused lab rats who are trying to get their bearings and are quickly clinging themselves to the nearest tasty cheese morsels. And man, was there a lot of cheese. The utterly bleak setting. Staple characters who have been tragically twisted like taffy. Best of all, the complete mystery and mystique of this weird new world. It’s a world that I would have loved to have been explored in greater detail through at least another book like Age of X Alpha (the Age of X Universe books don’t count). After around the halfway point, however, it seemed that the story about this world was completely kershuffled in favor of Rouge (or Legacy…or Reaper) trying to figure out the mystery of why this world is wrong. I get that it had to happen eventually in order to progress the story, but it seems like the story gears were shifted too quickly before more of the interesting aspects of this world could be expanded upon, and were never really revisited.

Which brings us to this issue. The Age of X-verse is over and done with, and the characters who were involved are dealing with the still having the memories of the dystopia linger in their minds. There were a great number of neat character moments as the X-Men tried to make sense of these weird false memories that they experienced, but I couldn’t help but feel that it was a bit weird that a good portion of the major characterization descriptions were happening AFTER Age Of X ended. Once you get past that little reservation, though, you’ll see that the characters are moving in an interesting direction. This is especially true concerning Frenzy, who has proven her valor to the X-Men during the alternate timeline, and thus will be sticking around on Utopia for the foreseeable future. This is the development I’m most interested in since I’ve become a fan of her hot-headed and almost irrational attitude that she has displayed in her sporadic appearances. Now that her life has become so intertwined with the X-Men’s (and especially Cyclops’), I’m certainly going to be interested in seeing Carey expand her character beyond her previous role as a Magneto lackey. A few other status quo changes happened as well…Hellion is now using his floaty metal hands that he had in the other universe, Chamber is no longer all Apocalypse-like and has now reverted back to the way he was during Generation X, and the team is now joined by the spirit of the long-absent Rachel Summers. I can dig it.

So we’re moving in the right direction. Even though the end of Age Of X was mostly unsatisfying, it at least served as a catalyst for some interesting changes in X-Men Legacy, as evidenced in this issue. Those worrying about a lack of direction can probably rest assured that we’re going to be seeing some interesting stories concerning Mike Carey’s pet X-characters in the near future.

Story: 3 - Good
Art: 3 - Good

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