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I’ve been trying to avoid the whole Necrosha thing, because I don’t read x-force, but this is winning me over in spite of my initial resistance.  It’s a solid X-Men story with a mixture of old and new cast (the young X-Men Blindfold plays a key role, Nightcrawler leads the team, and Rogue and *Magneto* come along as members — which gives Rogue & Mags time to hash out their relationship issues).  I like the way this story is using continuity as a tool, but still explaining things sufficiently for new readers, without getting bogged in exposition.  It’s a tough balance, but Mike Carey’s pulling it off pretty well so far.  The art’s kind of uneven (multiple inkers), but it gets the job done.

And I’ll admit it, the reveal at the end made the Claremont/Byrne fangirl in me squeal a little bit.

Story: 4 - Very Good
Art: 3 - Good


  1. I fondly rember the Claremont/Byrne storyline you mention, too.  An alternate reality version of the villain involved in that storyline showed up in a good "Exiles" story arc a few years ago. 

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