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Before I get into my
bitching about this issue I want to say what I liked about it. I think that
what this incredibly long story arc accomplished is about a decade too long in
coming, as Rogue not controlling her powers was old before I even started
reading comics in 93. I think the space captain introduced in this story was
really entertaining, if for no other reason he was an absolute dick. I think
the art was fine, if not too engaging. I like that this arc was set in the Australian
outback base, as that was my favorite part of Claremont’s run.  

THAT BEING SAID, this arc dragged more than my
grandma’s titties at the beach. For an arc that resolved a long standing Rogue
arc, there was a decided lack of focus on Rogue. The climactic battle was
ripped off from True Lies and was half as interesting. Is Danger going to be
the 19th X-Villain to join up to Xavier’s side? (no I didn’t count,
I’m just making up numbers for emphasis. I am really curious how long Carey has
this storyline plotted out, because if this arc is any indication, with the
amount of things he accomplishes, he could probably take this book to 300
before we get anything truly new happening.

Story: 2 - Average
Art: 2 - Average

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