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Marvel really needs to kill Charles Xavier, and leave him dead.  Have him be the X-Men’s Gwen Stacy, because it’s clear that they do not know what to do with him.  Since the first class grew up and people like Cyclops and Beast came into their own as characters he’s been increasingly marginalized and so Marvel keeps trying new things to give him a purpose in the X-universe. 

Remember a few years ago when they re-launced Excalibur as a Magneto/Xavier buddy adventure in Genosha?  Yeah.  Nobody wanted to read that, and since this book seems to be exactly the same thing, instead this time Xavier’s got amnesia and it’s no better this time around.  All the elements are here, including a host of third and fourth tier X-characters that are either new or nobody has cared about for years if not decades. 

I’ll argue again that the X-books should be merged into a weekly, or thrice monthly, series under the Uncanny banner.  Apart from Whedon’s Astonishing and Morrison’s New X-Men there has not been anything in the past decade or more that could not have easily fit into that format.  Here we get an issue that left me with no more idea what Marvel intends to do with this title than I had when it first launched.

Story: 2 - Average
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  1. If you put all the Xmen in one title, though, you end up with something like Ultimate X-men, where they’re trying to put 100 characters into one book, and nobody gets enough attention or development.  I like the idea of having one book that’s a core team, and another where different characters and stories can drift in and out, which I think ‘Legacy’ might be on the way to becoming.


  2. I just think they need to realize that there’s a core X-Men team that people are interested in (the Astonishing X-Men team with maybe a few others) and trim the fat.  But Marvel works too hard at keeping minor X-character employed and on a team, so that nobody really gets a focus.  The only time anyone cares about anyone outside of the Astonishing team is when a really good writer is doing something interesting with them, like Peter David in X-Factor.  Thing is other than David it’s been years since the X-verse had anyone like that.  Even Brubaker one of Marvel’s top writers couldn’t make the adventures of Polaris and Havok interesting.

    I’ll be honest I’m dreading the post-Whedon X-verse.  I’m worried that Warren Ellis will sleep walk through Astonishing, and that Brubaker again will be tasked with trying to get us to really care about tier C characters.

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