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I don’t get it, I really don’t. Bad stuff happened so Scott Summers disbanded the X-Men? I guess I’m not sure what happened this time that hasn’t happened before to warrant all this hoopla. Sure Xavier died, but he was back and kicking..what..a month later?

At any rate, yea..no more X-Men. Just a lot more X-Men TITLES. Ridiculous. Thankfully though, it brought us THIS X-Men title. Quality work throughout. Some of the characters and backstories I knew, like Cannonball and his family’s feud with the Cabots, and a couple I’d never heard of, such as Nehzno, and Victor (a guy who looks like he was spawned by a Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle and Sonic the Hedgehog).  Each story is a character piece dealing with anger, rejection, repentance…dealing with abandonment. These mutants are lost, all because of a knee-jerk reaction by Cyclops.

Each story was exceptional, but the one that hit me most was the story by Skottie Young, wherein the aforementioned Victor is having a conversation with Northstar. It has a very strong military undercurrent and focuses on what after-effects a child joining the X-Men might experience. I’m also really enjoying Young’s art as it gets looser and more expressive.

Another highlight was seeing McKelvie’s art colored by GURUeFX. The story didn’t really strike me, and seemed a bit forced, but the art was excellent. I’d love to see this coloring and depth on all of Jamie’s work.

These kinds of X-stories are generally my favorite. Any time the world slows down just a little and allows us to see the mutants on their down-time is a plus.

Story: 4 - Very Good
Art: 4 - Very Good


  1. ‘I don’t get it, I really don’t. Bad stuff happened so Scott Summers disbanded the X-Men?’

    I heard it happened because Superboy punched reality.

  2. Ha!

  3. oh, superboy prime. will you ever NOT be a joke??
    i dunno..it could’ve been Mephisto!

  4. great review and good point Johnny.  How is the mansion being destoryed by big robots any worse this time then the last 12 times big robots destroyed the mansion?  Maybe this time they destroyed Scott’s room of unopened Star Wars toys.

  5. The key to perfect happieness is not caring about what happens to the x-men.

  6. @JohnnyDestructo — I’ve actually given this more thought than it deserves.  Mephisto jokes are already getting a little stale.  "Superboy punched reality" will be funny FOREVER.

  7. good review.  i agree and enjoyed the issue for what it was.  a chance how  x-men life can mess up a kid and everything else.

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