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There was nothing in this issue that I particularly liked.  Crain’s channeling of Olivetti’s art is frustrating.  Everything looks like a cut scene from a 2002 video game.  Not a good one, either.  Colossus looks AWFUL in this style, and the wolf prince creature looks like someone pasted straw on a rat.  Faces seem to be the focal point of this particular art style, and Crain at least seems to have a flair for expressions.  But there are quite a few panels where the X-Men look like Jen from The Dark Crystal.

The coloring varies.  The spare use of pink and red in the otherwise desolate black and greys of Necrosha really do draw the eye.  It’s just unfortuante what they draw the eye to.  Also, some of the colors on specific uniforms (Colossus, for example) are just poor choices all around.

Conceptually, this story is a good idea.  And I’m enjoying bits and pieces of it.  But, like Morrison’s Final Crisis, I feel like Kyle and Yost are rushing to get too much story in, and I’m left piecing certain things together myself.  And, while that’s sometimes a fun game, I’m not enjoying it here.

Story: 3 - Good
Art: 2 - Average

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