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It’s about time that we’re finally seeing a light at the end of the tunnel.

X-Factor #49, the penultimate chapter in the huge future-based arc that Peter David has been weaving, is an important issue since we finally get some fallout reactions from the Rictor/Shatterstar developments from a few issues ago. It’s only from Guido, but David does a good job in conveying his confusion and sort-of unease with the situation. He’s not ignorant and disaproving about the man/man relationship, just a little shaken up, which I find is a very true response that most people show when they realize someone that is close to them is either gay or bi.

Besides that, we get a continuation of the storylines that have populated this title for the past year or so. Madrox and Layla are still mucking around in the future trying to help out the Summers Rebelion as much as they can, and still without a clear indication on if they are heading back to the present anytime soon. Meanwhile, Cortex is now going up against all the available X-Factor teammates in the present and continues to kick their asses like clockwork. So for the most part, this issue is much like the last few issues of this title. This isn’t a bad thing, however, because even when the plot itself is stuck in the mud, David still provides a script that’s tight enough for you to not realize that the story is moving slowly. A major moment does happen in the last few pages, however, as Dr. Doom (who has been brilliantly written in his past-prime days) finally regains his marbles and teases his masterplan, which I’m sure will make for a great conclusion next issue.

So while this issue still seems to move the plot along slowly, it still features memorable dialog and finally addresses the hot button item that is the Rictor and Shatterstar kiss. Not that have had any doubts, but I think that the small scene dealing with this major revelation shows that David knows what he’s doing with the characters and knows the right direction for them. An alright issue, though I’m really glad this is being concluded in a month.

Story: 4 - Very Good
Art: 4 - Very Good


  1. It’s funny — I’m not sure why, but I haven’t had any real sense of this arc being drawn out.  I guess if I look at how long it’s been going on, I see it.  But I think PAD manages to put enough enjoyable content in each issue that I don’t care how long it takes, I’m enjoying the ride.

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