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When I opened up this comic to discover a new artist had taken over I was hit with both a shiver of joy and a sigh of relief. The last few issues of X-Factor have felt less like fun escapism and more like guiling work, trudging through 22 pages, praying for a new artist on what was, for the first two years or so, one of Marvel’s best books. Like a fog has been lifted from my eyes I now know who these people are and I remember that I once rather liked them.

Peter David meanwhile, knows these people so thoroughly that he makes you know them as well.While I miss Layla Miller adding Longshot to the cast was an inspired choice. Longshot’s one of those charecters that it takes a really skilled writer to use due to his complecated and unspecific power. In fact, the only person who I ever felt used Longshot sucsesfully up to this point was Claremont. But as David has proved before he is great at using these kind of characters to seamleslly fill in plot holes while never seeming contrived or unbelievable.

Welcome back X-Factor, it’s great to see you again. 

Story: 4 - Very Good
Art: 4 - Very Good

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