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See, the symbolism at the start with Ares’ sword at the start was a
metaphor for his penis. It’s all really deep and involved. God, it
astounds me how much more interesting Marvel’s take on the same
mythological character is. Of course this is also true for Hercules,
but that is neither here nor there. I really like a lot of Simone’s
stories, but her WW just has some of the most painfully trite moments.
Seriously. A nurse says if I were silly, I’d say your friend had her
heart ripped out of her chest with fingernails. You’re right that’s
just plain wacky nurse. Now go do got your nose with the leprosy
victims I’m sure will show up in the next few issues when the Gorillas
get mauled by Lazarus. This arc just suffers from the fact it is doing
everything in its power to build up how much of a threat Genocide is,
which is fine, but it’s also developing subplots and paying them off
with no development for Genocide. Seriously, did the character whose
name is the title of this 6 + issue story arc show up this issue other
than to be talked about? Could they have not left Achilles story simmer
until the end of this fight? For that matter, did Dr. Morrow do a damn
thing either? The art was fine, but really, there was just so much they
could have done and didn’t with this book. 4/10

Story: 2 - Average
Art: 2 - Average


  1. Thought this review was a bit too brutal.  The art is STUNNING, Ares on Page 2 anyone?  We found out quite an important piece about what Genocide is built from…  Granted this particular arc seems a little too long at this point, I do want it to end soon, but this is the most character development we’ve had with WW since she snapped Max Lord’s neck.  Gail Simone is making Diana human, I was moved by her showing emotion other than warrior, though I agree the "with her fingernails" line was dumb as all hell.  This isn’t the best issue, but the art was above average and the story deserves a 3.  6/10 from me.

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