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This issue would have been awesome in 1995. Seriously.

Omega Red and
Wolverine fighting in a prison. Great visuals and action for the 90s.
Now it just seems a little silly and pointless.

Overall, I like what
Way is doing with this book. He’s fleshing out the memories and actions
of Logan before he joined up with Xavier. It is a solid concept with a
lot of potential.

It’s when he tries to reconcile a guy manipulating
his past all the way through his life with his current heroic path,
that’s when it seems a little trite and hollow.

The art is also a
throwback that I’d like to throw back. Every time I see Romulus, or is
it Remus, all I can think is man, Wild Child really got into leather about 20 years too late.

Story: 2 - Average
Art: 3 - Good

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