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First off, Steve Dillon deserves to be working on a better title. This book is beneath him. That said, this title has finally been given some life thanks to Spidey/Wolvy/Freddy Kreuger amalgam extraordinaire: Deadpool.  The last several issues have actually been laugh out loud funny and just a rollickin’ good time all around. Deadpool finally has Logan where he wants him and what does the merc with a mouth do about it? Gabs the entire issue, of course. We’re treated to a back and forth between Wade and Logan trying to out-analyze each other, with some Lil’ Deadpool flashbacks thrown in.

Sadly, the flashbacks DO feel “thrown in”.  Not sure what they have to do with the story at hand, but maybe they’ll make sense before this arc is over? I doubt it though, I think Way just enjoyed writing Bullseye’s origin so much he thought he’d do some of the same for Deadpool. Unfortunately, it reads like a retreading of Bullseye’s origin.

This issue isn’t as entertaining as the couple previous, but is fun nontheless, and ups the ante a touch with a not-so-surprise guest star at the end that I don’t think anyone actually cares about.

Story: 3 - Good
Art: 4 - Very Good


  1. "Spidey/Wolvy/Freddy Kreuger amalgam extraordinaire: Deadpool"– that’s a perfect summation for Deadpool!

    I agree with you and would even go so far as to say Steve Dillon is horribly miscast doing art for this book.  It alienates me from wanting to read it everytime I flip through it at the shop and everyone I know talking about how bad the writing is doesn’t help.  What are the sales numbers on this title?  They must be good to still be going this long.


  2. Hey, I’m a HUGE Deadpool fan.  Is this the first issue he’s in of this series or has he been in the past couple of issues? I’m picking this up this week because I saw that Deadpool was on the cover.

  3. *TheHoche, no he’s been in the last 2 or three issues of Origins..and they’ve been hilarious, check’em out.

    *Kimbo, Dillon is what makes me WANT to read this book..he’s the only reason I keep coming back, frankly. Not sure about the numbers, but I haven’t heard many people applauding it..not really sure why it’s still going.. 

  4. @JohnnyDestructo– He is the bomb, no doubt, I just can’t see his art nowadays without hoping for Jessie and Tulip to show up.  

  5. Good review. I totally agree with all your points. The Deadpool flashback would have been more cohesive with the story, if there were some others previously in the arc. I do like how Way writes Deadpool. It reminds me a bit of the Joe Kelly Deadpool run. I loved the page with all of the people Wolverine has killed throughout his life.

  6. @Kimbo — I agree with you about Dillon being miscast. He is a very good artist, but I don’t think his style is suited for over-the-top superhero stuff.

    I thought this issue sucked (read my review if you’re bored … like I was reading this comic), but I like the rest of the arc and hope the action picks up again next issue. 

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