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Wolverine is a semi-feral badass with admantium laced bones.  He;s killed many many many thousands of people in the Marvel Universe.  He’s lost dozens of loved ones in messy ways.  Most Marvel future stories show him as one of the few survivers, continuing his badassery.  Why, then, do so many writers insist as portraying him as such a pussy?  Do they think by making him say bubful cruel one-liners while thinking “I miss my dead grirlfriend” creates an interesting dichotomy?  It doesn’t.  The Wolverine in these stories is annoying, and has the same internal monologue thoughts that Wolverine has been shown to have for decades.  Y to the awn.

Also, the art in the first story really sucks.  While the layout and coloring in the second story make me wish it had been released during Marvel’s ‘Nuff Said project.  As the story would have been much better without the words.

I give the art a 3 in the review to balance the 2 for the first story, and the 5 for the 3rd.

Story: 1 - Poor
Art: 3 - Good

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