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Story by Jason Aaron
Art by Renato Guedes & Jose Wilson Magalhaes
Colors by Matthew Wilson
Letters by Cory Petit
Cover by Jae Lee & June Chung

Size: 32 pages
Price: 3.99

…Now that was a solid conclusion. Like many other readers, I was a bit concerned about this arc. Aaron was certainly building up to something, but the previous chapters had such a repetitive nature. It was almost like we were buying the same issue four times in a row. If the big reveal at the end–the “WHY” of it all–wasn’t good enough, then it certainly would’ve been a big letdown, a gyp, a waste of time. Thankfully, Aaron definitely did deliver an emotional punch–actually more like a twist of a knife right in Wolverine’s heart.

And, hey, I called it last time! Check out my review of the previous issue–I correctly suspected what the secret was behind the canon fodder the Red Right Hand had been feeding Logan. I thought it was a good idea when I thought of it, and I’m glad Jason Aaron had already thought of the idea! AWESOME way for villains to get at Wolverine! I’m surprised no writer had thought of it before now!

And once again Guedes’ art provided suitably grotesque realism. I’m going to miss seeing his rendition of the twisted old man who fronted the RRH.

Thankfully we only have a few more weeks before the next issue ships. I can’t wait to find out how Wolvie recovers from this, how he copes with what he’s done, and where he goes next.

Kudos to Jason Aaron. I have to admit that every now and again I think his Marvel Universe characterizations are a bit…wonky. But on the Wolverine title specifically he’s been very, very solid. And when was the last time you had the first 14 issues of a series all being part of one big, cohesive story arc or saga? (Actually, including the epilogue-ish issue next time, it’ll be 15 straight issues.) It’s great to read a Wolverine series that’s this reliably good. While I think Aaron’s previous Wolverine series had higher highs (nothing’s touching that classic “Insane in the Brain” story), the current volume is more consistent. At this rate, if he keeps going, in a few short years Jason Aaron challenge Larry Hama for best “Wolverine” series writer of all time.

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  1. Boy let me tell you……I’m happy it’s over so they can move on to another story arc. I was getting upset with how this story was going. I’ve been a Wolverine fan since the beginning; mind you I have his first app. and so forth and he’s the best at what he does! I like him better when he’s on the hunt and taking people out in stealth mode and going after the big fish at the end. And when it comes to writing a Wolverine story line…..I would say Frank Miller all hands down! The art work wasn’t bad and the story panels were good; but the ending let me down……..I really thought that old man was going to turn into someone from Wolverine’s past that is now a demon. But we’ll see what happens next!

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