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Story by Jason Aaron
Art by Renato Guedes & Jose Wilson Magahales
Colors by Matthew Wilson
Letters by Cory Petit
Cover by Jae Lee, June Chung, Joe Quesada & Danny Miki

Size: pages
Price: 3.99

I’ve loved Jason Aaron’s run on Wolverine and his “Wolverine’s Revenge” arc has been rock solid. But issue #12 may be an example of “going to the well one to many times”. The last few issues have had the same structure: Wolverine fights one of the Red Right Hand’s enforcers while we are introduced to members of their secret group through flashbacks. This structure has worked great in previous issues but I’m starting to want something a little different.

Aaron’s flashback story in this issue is tragic and emotional. It follows a man who lost his pregnant wife and unborn child as a result of an accident involving Wolverine. We see different points in the man’s past that lead him to the Red Right Hand. All of this works well enough except for an abrupt turn close to end of the book that really lessens the significance of his story. It’s an interesting character study that serves more as a reflection of Logan’s impact on people rather than a sequence that advances the greater story. Wolverine once again battles two fairly humdrum enemies and gets closer to getting his hands on the mysterious old man in charge. Aaron also reveals more to us regarding the satanic cultist element to the Red Right Hand which doesn’t add a lot to the issue.

Renato Guedes’s pencils are still a great fit for this book. The flashbacks in this issue take place in more modern times so they lack the rustic, antique look that I loved in previous books. But they’re still nicely drawn and are stronger than the current time sequences. The action sequences between Logan and the enforcers don’t look particularly good nor does fight flow from panel to panel. But overall this is still a nice looking book with only a few hiccups.

I’m not sure how many more RRH members Jason Aaron is going to introduce us to but so far none of them, with the exception of the mysterious old man, will stick with you. I think Aaron intends to tell more of the unintended consequences of Wolverine’s past actions on others than to offer meaningful biographies of RRH members. This does a good job of adding to the emotional burden than Logan already carries while fleshing out the motivations behind the group.

 This is a good issue but not great. It’s some of the same things from previous books. The satanic stuff doesn’t work for me and I’m really wanting to see Wolverine fight someone that feels like more than a roadblock. But the book is in very capable hands and I know Aaron has a plan. I’m just ready for it to move a little faster.

Story: 3 - Good
Art: 3 - Good

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