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  1. This series is what comics is all about for me. A true masterpiece. When rereading it, I could not believe how much stories they’re fitting in 22 pages. I’m proud to be reading this book. Makes me feel smarter.

    Cool Review. How’s the old lady? I’m pitching witchfinder to mine as I’m writing this. She’s been thinking about reading Hellboy for a long time and I think this is the perfect book to get into the Mignola-verse. What do you think?

    Stenbeck is my Breakthrough artist of the last years. He’s already Cameron Stewart level in my opinion.

  2. I hear alot of good things about it. I need a damn raise so I can pick this series up.

  3. @rockingeek – My wife is excellent. She has been loving this. The only potential problem I can see someone having with it involves the religious aspects. If they aren’t particularly fond of christian mythology they may find this a bit offputting.  I believe Fugmo has been bothered by it.  If that wouldn’t bother your wife then she should go for it.

    I am also loving the art. 

  4. @Stuclah – I’ve really enjoyed the series so far, and i’m a dedicated athiest. But i guess that doesn’t mean i’m not fond of christian mythology, because i can enjoy it as fiction. So i guess i’m saying that there’s a big distinction between someone who doesn’t believe in a religion’s myths, and someone who doesn’t enjoy their elements. Not that you said that, there wasn’t, just something worth mentioning.

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