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I’m going to have a go at a spoiler free review here since I spoil everything in the Wiki summary anyway.  So here goes.  I have to reiterate that beginning with last issue, Christos Gage has hit his stride with Wildcats.  This issue gave us a great battle between the Wildcats and the Daemonites, something that hasn’t been seen in a long time in the pages of a Wildstorm comic.  It was the battle between these two groups that birthed this comic series in the first place (almost 17 years ago now, damn!).  So the nostalgia factor definitely plays into this issue because of that.  This issue truly is action packed, much of it focusing on the beat down between Lord Defile and Maul.  And the trick Maul and Warblade use to defeat Defile was very cool and unique.  But the highlight for me was Voodoo’s compromise and ultimately the cool use of her power against the Daemonites.  It was also great to see that even the Wildcats themselves seemed to enjoy the fact that they’re finally back together again.  Unfortunately, their newfound happiness with each other is dampened with a shocking reveal at the end which shows two of the Wildcats making a decision that I don’t think anyone saw coming.

“The Tao of Tao” back up story.  Overall, the back stories have been pretty good.  Of course some have been better than others, but I think this is one people really looked forward to because we’re all anxious to see how Tao (the villain from Sleeper) is truly involved in the events of World’s End.  One thing Gage has been successful at so far with his stories (main and backup) has been to dig up and dust off Wildstorm characters we haven’t seen in a while.  This time we get Providence, who has the same powers as Void from the Wildcats.  Apparently, Tao is not content with just having one powerful being under his control (Void) but he wants Providence as well.  That premise alone has this one off to a great start.





Story: 4 - Very Good
Art: 4 - Very Good


  1. I asked this vis-a-vis Gen 13 last week. As a long time Wildstorm guy who finally gave up on the U post-Armageddon, should I come back? You seem pretty damned authoratative Wildstorm-wise, so whatta say? Jump back in or no?

  2. I say jump back into the pool, the water’s fine

  3. @ RobAbsten

    I’ve followed WS through all their ups and downs.  The 2006 soft reboot disaster was definetly a down that is making people timid about trying this new storyline.  The trilogy of stories that led to this storyline are currently in trade.  If you used to love the WSU give them a try and see what you think.

    Wildstorm: Armageddon

    Wildstorm: Revelations

    Number of the Beast 


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