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Wow!  What a fantastic issue by Christos Gage and Neil Googe.  I knew when reading issue 9 that it was all setup for bigger things, and they deliver in this issue.  I love that by the end of the first page, Majestic and Spartan are already fighting.  And it is a good old-fashioned beat-down (although Spartan takes most of it).  It reminded me of something about the Wildcats that was always kind of bittersweet about the team.  Compared to others in the Wildstorm U such as Majesitc and The Authority, the Wildcats are just not that powerful.  Without Void, they are greatly depowered.  Spartan is basically just a robot, Grifter’s got guns, Nemesis and Zealot (and even Warblade) have their blades and fighting skills, Ladytron is like Spartan and Grifter rolled into one, Jodi has her super-speed and fighting skills, and Maul has his physical strength.  The only Wildcat who seems to have the kind of power that’s needed to stand up to some of the more powerful characters is Voodoo (as seen by her ‘zombie’ trick in issue 7).  But even she is still discovering things about her powers.  It is bittersweet because I love the characters but one wrong move and they’re toast (as with what happened to Grifter at the end of Captain Atom: Armageddon). 


The Wildcats strength seems to be when they do work together and also when they use Kherubim technology to its full potential.  Maybe it’s this underdog status that draws me to these characters because I so want to see them bring down someone as powerful as Majestic.  And it may still happen, just not in this issue.  No, in this issue, Majestic stays true to Jim Lee’s original intent when he created the character: to create a Superman-type character that did not hold back when using his powers.  As soon as the Wildcats engage Majestic in this issue I was actually afraid that one of them might die.  That is a testament to Gage’s writing because he accurately portrays the superior power that is Majestic.  And Googe gets a chance to draw some great scenes which illustrate Majestic’s might.


Earlier this year at one of the conventions, Christos Gage mentioned that by around issue 12, things go from bad to worse for the Wildcats.  Well, we’re definitely seeing the beginnings of that here.


“Team 7: Reunion” backup story.  I really liked this one not just for the nostalgia of seeing Team 7 together again but also because I felt like I got a lot in these 4 pages.  Gage does a great job of answering little hints that were placed in the various Wildstorm titles as to this meeting with the surviving Team 7 members.  I’m a little leery at some of the hints that are dropped about how World’s End can be ‘fixed’ during the course of this backstory.  But I’m trusting the creative teams that it won’t be that easy and thankfully we’ve already been assured by editor Ben Abernathy that all this will NOT lead to another reboot.  So it’ll be interesting to see where all this leads to with the as yet unnamed “big event” planned for the Wildstorm U in December.





Story: 5 - Excellent
Art: 5 - Excellent


  1. It’s good to know that the Wildstorm editors have stated that there will no be an easy fix to World’s End.  My heart sank a little bit when Team 7 started talking about rescuing Void because she could ‘fix’ things.  Well, that leaves me wondering how badly Team 7 will screw up the rescue operation–or how intricately Tao has plotted their failure!  😀

    As for the main story with Majestic, I liked it a lot; but I think it reads best if you read issues 9 & 10 back to back.  The last issue sets up all the pieces that start to fall in issue 10.  Also, I was happily surprised to find out Majestic’s real rationale for creating his Kheran stronghold in Hawaii.  I think, while there is an inherent taboo factor involved with his carrying out his plan, Majestic’s goal is–well, not ‘honorable, but perhaps reasonable in the twistedness of the end of the world.

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