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I have been anticipating this What If for some time now, and was
following the lead up quite closely. After months of recent What Ifs
that were either painful  to the heart or to the eyes, it was a breath
of fresh air for this current run to end on such a good note. For me,
personally, it was…glory.

I was originally cautious when I found out that Bollers not only was a
stranger to writing Doom, but as well as reading him. Fortunately he
went on his own Doom-searching journey, and found himself confidant
enough to write this issue. It was probably for the best that a
seasoned writer of Doom did not tackle this, for Victor is certainly a
new being altogether in this issue. His ruthlessness and personal
idealism are at an all-time high, now that his resources are limitless.
I would even debate that this issue has one of the truest, most sincere
depictions of Victor Von Doom I have ever seen.

The art, done by “Young Gun” Jorge Molina, is simply marvelous. Another
fresh face, Molina’s style feels almost animated, fitting the intensity
of Boller’s writing perfectly. The penicls are solid and the colors are
surprisingly vibrant, even during the darker pages.

There are plenty of highlights in this – an army of Dooms against the
Celestials, the defeat of two men of whom many consider Victor the sum,
one newsanchor’s perspective on God – but really, this whole issue is a
wonder, and dare I say epic. One of the greatest single issues you will
ever read, no matter what your stance on Victor may be.

Story: 5 - Excellent
Art: 5 - Excellent

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