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I give Ellis a lot of crap for being lazy and writing the same story
over and over again. Bastard covered bastard with a bastard center is
the phrase I love to repeat, but this was different.
This was special.

This felt the same way that From Hell felt, a fictionalized accounting
of real people.

I can think of about a dozen different ways this book
could have failed. The quotes could have felt stiff. The art not
striking the right mood. Just not feeling of any connection between
Frankenstein and the monster. None of those happened.

This book was
exactly what it needed to be. I loved the design of Frankenstein. It
was the right balance of scarred tissue and weary traveler. The castle
had the right feel of dilapidated but also former glory. An excellent

Story: 4 - Very Good
Art: 5 - Excellent

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