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It’s a really small week of comics, and my stack was so diminutive that I decided to pick up a couple of titles that I would normally leave on the shelves.  I even went against my better judgement and picked up something from Zenescope.

My previous experiences with Zenescope have been….less than positive.  Their flagship title, Grimm Fairytales, is little more than a wank comic for people too embarrassed to download porn on their computers.  Calling the stories “fables” or “fairy tales” is somewhat akin to calling Tarot “a superhero comic”.  If you don’t have a Very Softcore Porn section in your lcs (we don’t), then those other labels will have to suffice.

With that in my mindset, I opened a comic that Newsarama claims “horror fans will definitely enjoy”.  I try to never qualify anything with the adverbial form of definite; preferring to say “probably” or “are likely” when recommending something to the general populace.  I can guarantee that Jared the guy who turns the lights out and rubs his body with anything involving Bruce Campbell is DEFINITELY going to enjoy “Freddy vs. Jason vs. Ash”  I can’t say for sure that all horror fans will.

I didn’t find this book nearly as offensively bad as any of the other Zenescope titles I picked up.  It’s most likely a horror book.  A horror book that wass written by someone who probably hasn’t had any sort of consensual sex with an animate partner in at least several months, and has filled that time with watching really cheesy crime and horror movies from the 1980s.  There’s the unnecessary pantslessness of the bethonged beautiful woman with big breasts, and enough thinly veiled homophobia to please your inner-closeted sixteen year old.

I’m probably making this sound worse than it is.  It’s likely that if you think Grimm Fairy Tales is more moralistic than cheesecake that you’ll think this is more of a horror book than a flimsy pretext to show cartoon tits and make gay jokes.

If you choose to read this as a lost script from a 1980s cheesecakey horror movie, then you are likely to enjoy this.  Despite me not enjoying it, personally.  And thinking the writing is nearly atrocious, I’m going to grant the author the benefit of satire, and give it a three.  And the artwork is what Greg Land’s would be like if he was a little more “inspired by porn”, and a little less “tracing porn onto his tablet”.

I am unlikely to pick up another issue.

Story: 3 - Good
Art: 3 - Good


  1. I quite enjoyed it, to each their own I suppose.

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