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Story by Bill Jemas
Art by JJ Dzialowski & Cyril Saint-blancat

Size: 0 pages
Price: 2.99

This. This is a piece of shit.

I just kind of flipped through it at the shop tonight. Nothing could have prepared me for this. I know that comics can come in many forms, but this is really stretching it. It begins somewhat like a childrens book, drawn by a first year art school student trying to emulate Bill Sienkiewicz who also has parkinsons and only an eight count box of Rose Art crayons. There are captions at the bottom, that I made an attempt to read through. An attempt was indeed made. I tried to read it like normal prose. I tried to read it like Dr. Suess. I tried to hang myself with a hose. I tried to turn it into a noose.

It truly was just gibberish. I could make no sense of things. Now granted, I blacked out the other day and whacked my head pretty good, but I don’t think that that is to blame.

After you get through this bit that is like a Little Golden Book written by Ed Wood, the format of the book changes to something more resembling a garden variety comic. Not quite there, but a facsimile thereof. It tells the story of these two kids growing up together, albeit from different households and parenting styles, on into college age. It’s rather hard to follow at times. There really are no panels to follow. It’s all splash pages with text going straight down the page in differently colored “bubbles”. We start delving into some odd territory, with one kid yammering about comets and dinosaurs, and this kid talking about what their parent thinks of Bill Clinton, and on and on as the kids progress in age. It gets into this dichotomy of left leaning politics, and right leaning religion, all while being completely spaced out and not really following any sort of plot or pacing.

Sound familiar? Yeah, it did to me too. I thought to myself “This is just like Marville”, recalling the hilarious reviews I read of that train wreck of a comic.

Then I looked at the credits.

“OH! This IS just Marville” Yep, Bill Jemas wanted to tread familiar ground. That’s all this is. Marville volume 2. So he can say to CBR he played off Go the F#ck to sleep that Samuel L. Jackson did, but no no, we know now that it was the “Wake the F#uck up” ad that Jackson, a millionaire, did for the Obama campaign to tell people that millionaires are horrible.

Now, not to get into a political or religious diatribe, as that is against the iFanboy TOS, but that is all that this book is. It’s merely a continuation of Bill Jemas’s personal statements that he explored in Marville. That’s it. Period. There’s as much of value here as there was in that series, which ain’t much. It’s barely even lucid at the best of times. It really just comes across as a stream of consciousness exercise like we all did back in high school writing courses.

To quote my LCS owner: “Wake the F#ck up? What the f#ck is this?”

Story: 1 - Poor
Art: 1 - Poor


  1. Hahaha. yeah…

  2. I think Bill Jemas was really instrumental in getting Marvel back on its feet in the early 2000s before Quesada took over, so as an editor, he has a lot of respect from me, but as a writer, he’s just a pseudo-intellectual hack.

  3. I know nothing about Marville or anyone involved, and I didn’t get this, but it actually sounds quite interesting.

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