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At the start of the new year I set out to try a butt load of new books not from the big two this included books I have always wanted to read for ages and Usagi Yojimbo was one of those books on my hit list so imagine my surprise when checking out the dark horse previews I saw a preview of Usagi Yojimbo issue  111 and it was the start of a new story and I have to say I really freaking enjoyed it ,I didn’t feel lost at all  it ticked all my boxes this week maybe because I am getting tired of capes? Maybe because I have been watching a lot of anime this week? Who knows anyway I really enjoyed the mix of action, comedy and drama and it made me want to pick up the next one and isn’t that what the job of the single issue is? Also I really enjoyed the art it’s detailed but cartoony which is something I strived for in my own drawing style in the past. So if you ever wanted in on this gem of a book now is the time!!!!

Story: 4 - Very Good
Art: 5 - Excellent


  1. This review is dead on.  I endorse it entirely.

  2. heyhey.. i’m going through the same thing.. i’ve always been curious about the book and i LOVE samurai, so i picked up last month’s issue. good stuff.

    i just tracked down the first trade collection and started’s awesome!

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