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  1. This review seems overly harsh for several reasons.  It doesn’t seem strange to me that Magneto might eventually join the X-Men, because Chris Claremont did it once before.  And when it was retconned, I understand Claremont was p.o.’ed.  I don’t think Fantomex has been around long enough to be a well developed, established character.  Warren Worthington can fling poisoned tipped steel flechettes at people, so aggressiveness does not seem out of character for him.  At one time, Xavier was something of a holy wise man, but his character has accumulated a lot of grime over the years, too.

  2. You can argue separate character points, but I think it is a fair criticism of Fraction that he doesn’t seem to know the X-men characters as well as someone who is writing the flagship book should. Especially someone who has structured their storylines to include just about every mutant there is. If all you know is Scott, Emma, Beast, and Iceman, maybe you should just focus on them. I think the assessment that Fraction is weaving some interesting new directions for the X-men but is regularly drops the ball on some of their characterizations is exactly right and why the issues seem to hit and miss.

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